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another wave in the anxiety sea :(

hating how, when anxious about one thing, it is easier to be anxioys about others...for example my hands do get dry this time of year, so with a lot more handwashing than normal they're a bit raw - so naturally the rawness is a reaction to hand cream that is going to lead to a severe reaction and maybe worse...seriously???? anxiety could do one

sam x

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Hi Sam

I no what you mean about one thing leading to another

The rawness maybe due to the colder weather & you washing your hands so much , not the hand cream

Have you seen your GP for something for your hands

My son can sometimes have sensitive skin & with his job his hands can get sore & my GP gave him some lovely cream that you can either wash your hands in instead of using soap or use it as hand cream as well it comes in a very big tub so it lasts ages

Its called Aqueous cream B.P , I think you can buy it from Boots , it cleared his up straight away & no reaction

If you have a habit of washing your hands a lot , you need to take care of them with a good cream

This might not of helped , someone else might have a better suggestion when they see your post

Hope your son is better :-)

Have a good nights sleep :-)





need to find something that works soon, there are so many that I've tried (not cheap)...think im a bit too sensitive ;)


Hi, the rawness is caused by you washing your hands not the hand cream! The hand cream will make your hands sting because of the rawness. You need a hand cream that is non perfume and hypo allergenic, honestly you having dry hands will not lead to anything else.

Please please try to rest, take care xxxx


yeah I skin so sensitive...not fair that my face oozes oil and my hands are bone dry :(


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