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a tentative positive post

So this week has been ok and I have survived it but yesterday my boyfriend and I went out for dinner and I have to say while we were out I definitely felt 'normal' and it was so nice to just feel like myself for a while as I haven't at all recently. I am still signed off all next week so i have got to carry on how i have been going, seeing people and getting out the house, and then hopefully get myself back to work in a week (which is the biggest hurdle as it's a job i'm still settling into and not too sure if I like it so it will be quite a struggle but i'm prepared for that and feel like I need to prove to myself I can do it) so that's me...

how is everyone else doing?

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Morning :-)

Was lovely to read your post , I am glad you had a nice time out last night & even better you felt more like your self :-)

Someone once said to me bank all your good days up & if you have a bad day remember them , made sense a bit to me

Take each day as it comes , enjoy today & deal with tomorrow , the day after ,next week when you have to , but for today you dont have to think about what will happen next week;-)

I am still in bad sleeping habits , one of my goals , not going to well , its not the fact I cant sleep , its getting to bed earlier thats the problem , something I promised I would do

I go to bed earlier & then what am I doing reading till the early hours , I must try better :-D

Other than that unless I let my mind wander to far in front , I am not doing to bad

Hope you have a lovely day :-)





Hi , try not to think about next week just concentrate on each day as it comes. Enjoy yourself xxx


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