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Still feeling anxious my doc said it can't last long but it does he said it goes sky high then peaks but mine stays hope this problem with the troubles my son has got me into won't come to much I've worried all day and night about it and putting my feelings on here helps. Sorry to drone on about it.he has done something and involved me when I had absolutely nothing to do with it now I'm scared I will get in trouble. And this is making me worse

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I can imagine the worry this will be causing & how it will be affecting your anxiety

Have you sought help with what you son has tried to get you involved in

You need to take some advise , we have something called a Law Centre , that is free to get legal advice

I no its easy for me to say , but not quite knowing exactly what this is he has done , the fact you havnt done anything , dont protect your son , protect you & prove you havnt

Sorry this might have been no use , but to let you no your post has been read & we do care





I am going to get a solicitor I have already told the police so fingers crossed x


I am sure you will be fine , you have told the police & once you have seen a solicitor that I hope will give you peace of mind

I no when we have anxiety its harder to cope , but you will get through this

Try & see a solicitor as soon as you can for you , to give you that reassurance



I've just been on th. Phone trying to sort it out hopefully I will calm down and get answers everything seems worse when you have anxiety


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