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3 hours kip...been up since 2am...boy still sick

tired, hungry, thirsty...don't really want to sleep eat or drink until this bug has gone...that may be an impossible target however :(

I am still well...but I don't want to be sick...the boy is so brave but even he is getting a bit fed up now, the OH has been giving me the tut-tut treatment saying not eating, sleeping or drinking will make me ill before any bug or make me more likely to catch the damned thing....argggghhhhh

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ooh no poor you, I understand how it feels I have phobia of getting sick or being sick and I too stop myself eating and drinking, constant worrying, but you OH is right, you will get poorly, try eat little and often, take your mind off it a little, although I no easier said then done

I hope your little one is better soon xxx



You need to keep your strength up so you can look after your son. If you cannot eat because of your phobia you do need to drink or you will get dehydrated which will make you worse. Just make sure you wash your hands and sterilizing any crockery you all have used. I'm sure you are already doing this because I'm sure I read somewhere you could buy dettol out! Try drinking some flat lemonade or boiled water, the boiled water is calmer on tummies as too cold can cramp the muscles up.

Take care xxx


Hi Sam

Sorry you have had such a bad night & your son is still poorly :-(

I have to say yes what your husband says is right , but then suffering with anxiety , I no what he is saying can be easier said than done

When I have a fear , the sensible side of my brain seems to be in battle with the anxiety side of my brain & its such an effort when thats starts & the anxiety side seems so strong ,its like a war going of !

I do no though I can get so tired with worry , I make myself physically ill & then I do get run down & will pick up things easily

Try & eat , I would say to myself , I have to eat & by eating will not make a difference whether I catch this bug or not , but it will help me to stay strong & I need to be

I hope he feels better soon & remember , yes there are bugs going about , but having had kids myself , they did from time to time catch things that seemed exclusive to them & no one else caught what they had & this could be the case with your son , what ever he has , it might be just how he is reacting & no one else will catch it

Let us no how you & your son are later





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