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I've had better days guys but still went to the Gym sorted my car paid a few bills but I want a break from my job even when I had a break

Break down I had no time out I was back in work

I think most peeps would have been off work so I'm going to have two weeks where I try not to worry about work money and stuff so I can empty my anxiety bucket I need it any advise here would be most helpful x

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I run a drama school with my wife and a couple of teachers and a friend who has helped me on the desk doing the money and fees reminders and so on but think its time for me to bow out for a couple of weeks I will show my face but that's it and do loads of housework etc but gets some me time


I'm of cause thinking out loud here


Hi Bigguy

You think out loud , I talk to myself out loud & at times its a good job you cant here me


Well I think thats a very sensible decision you have made here taking a couple of weeks of

I think this is part of your problem which can be the same as me , I think I need to be there all the time , only me can do as good a job , everything will fall to pieces if I am not over seeing things & this is me as a house wife :-D

But its so not true thats the pressure I put on myself & my anxiety talking , they can cope , I just wont let them & I have to learn & step back because otherwise I just end up feeling ill & my anxiety goes up !

So good for you , love the way you said you have emptied your anxiety bucket :-D

And saying you are going to do the housework , that will keep your wife happy :-)

Hope you can do this , come on here & tell us , because once you see things will tick along without you there all the time I think it will help you to relax & that will keep this anxiety where it belongs , out your life , its an unwelcomed visitor !





I put a reply to above but my phone ran out of battery anyway

Thanks why why when I had first had anxioty that started at Xmas In fact Boxing Day I did realise then that it had been the stress of failure or the worry that had caused my anxiety when I started to look for what was wrong with me I did read this article and it said amougst other stuff remove the stressors and you remove the anxioty simple of cause I can't just stop I don't want to but I think that by getting my wife to become co director with me in fact be may a good idea and share it job

A problem shared so to speak but think I have come to a cross roads Vania works hard but I think I need more help asits becoming a burden :-(


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