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I've got to many symptoms

I've more pregnancy symptoms then I had with my two boys. I've tingling boobs which I always get. I've been feeling sick on and off for days, I've got darker on my boobs and now I've just gone dizzy again as well as weeing alot. I just feel different. I know that my period wasn't right. My mate's pit it down to breakthough or implantation as I did get that with my youngest son. I thought it was in my head wen it first started but the last wk my attitude as changed about it. I'm not thinking of it all the time, it will happen wen its ment to happen. Put I'm getting all the symptoms even the funny taste in my mouth. I did do a test late night but it was negative. I'm not gutted as like I say wen its ment to be it will happen. I just think I tested to early but with all I'm having I wud say I was. I've been so moody the last few days and I'm not a moody person. Only time will tell :-)xxx

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