Morning :-)

Morning :-)

Hello all :-)

Hope your all having a calm and relaxed morning, I've not been too bad this morning, although still in my pj's. Breakfast ate with morning coffee and this week am planning on pushing through and making a big difference. Bit of an off day yesterday, but still managed to eat, eating on a bad day.. FANTASTIC.

Relaxed watching a film last night, then felt sensations, turning into a panic, but in half hour tops that panic had completely gone, thanks to an app on my phone SleepBug.

its truly amazing and very calming, il be using this from today to do mindfulness and visualise good things happening, I think it could be a very good tool and practice on going out and feeling calm.

Also doing the linden method and focusing on the nine pillars, to adjust the way I act and put my anxiety to one side... hopefully:P has anyone else tried it? it worked for me a few years back but I let it slip and went back down...

well must tackle my ironing, nice tidy house and focus on improving going out.. the scary part:P

Have a lovely day everyone xxx


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4 Replies

  • Morning :-)

    I can imagine eating on a bad day is fantastic & so pleased you can see just how great you are doing :-)

    I am loving seeing everyone doing their ironing today , we no I got mine done on Saturday :-D

    Still a list of jobs to be done though :-/

    You are sounding so much more positive , it makes me smile :-)




  • Morning whywhy :-)

    ohhh fantastic you got it done:D I hate ironing :\ lol but be most happy when its done...

    Thankyou:) im feeling all smiley :D onwards and upwards hopefully xxxx

  • Hi

    I have been on & of all day , but had another migraine :-(

    I thought I saw another post from you & was waiting till after tea & then I was going to reply , but now I cant see it & maybe I even dreamed it but I will ask you on this one

    Did we get the ironing done :-/

    Well I am sure what ever you did today , you will have done your best , including eating because you always do

    Hope you are OK :-)




  • Hello :-)

    yess I did have another post it seems to have gone that's very strange :\ .ooh no that doesn't sound good, hope your feeling a bit better now, they can be a right pain.

    Noooo I didn't do the ironing again lol! tut tut me, although I have tidied everywhere so now spick and spam :D its on my list for tomorrow, as wont have much to do, I chose to make banana muffins instead:P

    Thankyou, im good:-) I did manage to go out, ate my three meals and pudding:D, very happy I can see improvements now, just enjoyed a lovely evening with my ds :D


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