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Relapse :(

Hi everyone

It's been ages since I've posted on here, so long ago that the format has changed since I last used the site!! Hope everyone is doing ok and hello to those who are new!

Anyway I've been quiet lately because I've actually been doing ok, I had a course of CBT which really helped me over the summer. Today though the anxiety is back with a vengeance :(

I start my final year at University next week and I'm petrified. Not of the course or the work or anything, but of my anxiety coming back! And low and behold, here it is. I can't sleep, I feel sick, dizzy, sweaty and have stomach ache. I of course knew it wouldn't be gone for good but I'm gutted that it's back now...I just don't know how on earth I'm going to cope with being so busy if I start getting all these bloody symptoms again, so I'm feeling really sorry for myself right now. To top it off, my partner has been feeling unwell this weekend so I'm convinced that the physical symptoms I'm having are a bug/virus which is going to make me ill and unable to go in on my first day back at Uni...either way, its bringing on more anxiety! Argh!!! Anyway... just needed to vent!

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Hey there,

I know how you feel.. My anxiety came back out of the blue.... It had been 4yrs since my last attack ... Totally gutted as I thought I'd seen the last of it:(

I have however discovered "Mindfulness" it really does help. I can recommend "Head Space" it's available as an app or you can use it online. Give it ago.. Good luck xx


Thanks for your reply yummimummy :) It's awful how it sneaks up isnt it? :( I did learn a bit about mindfulness in CBT, so I think it's probably something that I should revisit... Everything just seems so much worse in the middle of the night! I am feeling rough this morning but mainly just tired so I'm a bit calmer about things... but thank you I will have a look at that app :) Take care xx



It's probably just a blip, your normal stress levels are probably up a bit with starting back at uni and your oh being poorly. Is there anyone you can talk to about how you feel or could you look back at your cbt paperwork. Also as Yummimummy says 'mindfulness' is a good tool. What I'm doing at the moment if I'm feeling a bit wobbly is ask myself' what am I worrying about right this very minute' and actually it's nothing. I just assess what's happening in my little bubble that very second. It might not be a good explanation for you!!!;)

I hope you feel better for the rest of the day, take care of yourself xxx


Thanks Winter... I do hope it's a blip! I've almost felt like my old self these last couple of months, so really was gutted when I felt rubbish again. Will defo be looking over my CBT stuff, I do remember just reading it all before really helped. Thanks for the reply xxx



Pleased to read you have been doing so well & made me smile when you said you logged on & it had all changed , I bet you wondered what you had logged on to :o

Format has changed but everything else is the same , people knowing just how you feel & ready to try & support :-)

From reading what you have written Uni means so much to you & well done with your course & getting this far , takes some doing , I hope you feel proud :-)

But the fear is causing the anxiety & the irrational thinking , as you no doubt no , been there already

So for me when I get like this , I have to try & take a step back & look at these fears

Normally after talking things through , I can see that rather than me catching something to prevent me starting Uni etc is the least of my worries , getting my anxiety back in control is what I need to be working on & I no its easier said than done

But you have done it before & been feeling good for a while , so you can do it again & you will do :-)

Take each day as it comes & when the what if's start coming in your mind , tell them to go away you are not listening , the less importance you can give these thoughts , the less fear & anxiety they will create , even though I no again it can be easier said than done

Come back on here & keep talking , that helps as you no people will understand how you feel :-)





Hello whywhy!

Thank you for yet another lovely response, you always have lovely things to say :) I do feel good about how far I've come, which is why I get so bloody frustrated when I start to feel all defeatist and wobbly! I just really want to do as well as I possibly can in my course, it means SO much to me but that's also not a good thing cos I put tons of pressure on myself :\

I will definitely be back on here having my meltdowns ;) And hopefully helping some ther people out as well! Hope you are doing ok :) xxxx


Thank You :-)

I never went to Uni , so I wont pretend I did , my daughter did though & she doesnt suffer with anxiety & I will say that how you are feeling , I do think we can panic & forget that everyone has these same feelings , as I no my daughter did

Others may not show it but believe me i bet if they could be as open as us they would tell you they have a lot of the same fears

I no you will do this , as people with anxiety do seem to excel at what they do , even though we may make ourselves so run down with worry we seem to mostly be perfectionists :-)

When you have the time , let us no how it is going & share any meltdowns as you say as well as the good times :-/

Most of all let us no when you pass , because you will :-)



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