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Separation anxiety?

Is there such a thing? Anyone else like this?.......I have split with my partner as he could not cope with me constantly needing to check in with him by phone when he goes out anywhere even work or to the lOcal shop for instance I would manage to find excuses to ring just to make sure everything was ok. Would go into mad panic even if he diddnt answer as he was coming down the path! He did nothing to break my trust in him he just says he can't cope feels like I'm making him a prisoner of this too.

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I know someone else who's like that, so it isn't just you! I don't know if it's something specific you can be diagnosed with, though. A psychiatrist might say you have generalised anxiety disorder.


I do it too, its a constant need of reasurance with me more than feeling anxious that were seperated. its not how to lose a guy in 10 days its more like how to lose a guy in one fell swoop! My sister says that one day i ll meet the person whos right for me and it wont matter to them that i do this, they ll stick with me anyway. Hopefully she s right for both our sakes.

He sounds as tho he s not the right fella for you, we need people who are strong not those who run off and make our problems about them. That said we do need to learn how to tone it down, i find excuses to ring or txt too and it does us no good!

Gimmie a nudge next time were both on here if you want, im going the docs tomorrow to see if i can get some help with dealing with myself, maybe what she says can help us both. Living in hope!

Hugs lokking glass xxxx


Thanks, glad its not just me, he's been really good for 3 yrs but I wasn't like this when we met (I was really confident person with very sociable job) he just wants the old/ real me back. Thanks again


I have this!! Oh god, thank goodness I'm not the only one. I feel so bad for being like this, totally overly-possessive! But I get so, uncontrollably anxious. I don't know how to deal with it :( My boyfriend's the complete opposite of me, he hardly ever keeps in frequent contact with anyone at all. I can't stand not being with him. Even if we're out for a meal and he nips to the loo, I get anxious. I hate it, I feel so bad for him, for having to put up with me :(


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