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different symptoms, different stories, but all anxiety

Hi all I have been coming on this site for a while now as i felt i was getting no answers anywhere else, when i asked my doctor what anxiety was he told me a common problem that will go away one day. I read website after website and they all seemed to ramble a foreign language, at that time nothing was sinking into my brain it was to confused. I was neglecting myself and my family and falling down a deep dark hole. I was and never have been on the edge of doing something dramatic to danger myself as my anxiety means the fear of death is to prominent. BUt i felt exhausted and in need of help. I found this website, and it explained through the eyes of fellow suffers, recoverers and people willing to help, exactly what anxiety was . It explained in a way that was so easy to understand as the wide range of symptoms went beyond what i expected and bit by bit i identified with more and more and started to feel less unreal. I am not saying i am cured I am far from it, I have been housebound for a year and only left a handful of times and i have days and weeks of riding the rollercoaster, but i wanted to say a thank you as this is the best therapy i have ever had, you all listen to the moaning and ranting i do, if it doesn't make sense you still understand. The best therapy is sometimes knowing people listen and are on your side. We all have it different in some ways, and we have lived it in a manor of ways but we all strive for the same goal x hopefully one day we will all get there xx Donver

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Hi Donver

You are so right , we all may suffer in different ways , but we have that common bond in knowing how it makes us feel & that is a massive help

We all share our experiences , strengths & hopes on here with each other , & knowing we are not alone , is such a relief

I am glad you are finding this so helpful , you are doing so well :)

Hope you are having a lovely day :)





ty whywhy x it has made such a difference in knowing just how many people do suffer with anxiety, its is a vast amount and if not maybe half the population of the uk. Together i am sure we will all get there one day. So far so good with the day, few thoughts of anxiety out have kept myself busy as to not think of them x x Always appreciate your kind words xx Thanks again Donver xx


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