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I want to sleep:(

Morning guys, Not sleeping well at the moment, don't know why:( I can fall asleep ok,just can't stay asleep! I usually don't worry too much about not sleeping and try and relax my mind and body,but it's been nearly week and starting to feel it. I've tried all the usual tricks even getting up and listening to soft music in the hope of going back to sleep properly!

Anyway apart from that I am feeling ok ..... Anxiety wise:) Off to walk the doggies and then weather permitted, off to the beach:) hope you all have a great day:) xx

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I used to have real problems getting to sleep for a while. Attempted a few different things that never really worked. Exercise is great and don't eat/drink anything late at night. Turn off phone/ipad etc or anyhting with a light, don't watch tv in bed etc. The real trick that worked for me was breathing in slowly and counting back from 100 with each breath. As you exhale say to yourself "nothing". In other works- Inhale and say "100" in your head and then exhale and say "nothing" in your head. Then inhale and say "99" inyour head and exhale saying "nothing" (and so on...). Just try that and see where you get to. I thought it was crazy but works for me and now I don't even count I just get to sleep really easy but revert back to this if the problem reoccurs.


That`s so annoying, I have the same problem quite often, & it`s a good thing that I`m unemployed, or I`d most likely be sacked for underperforming at work due to lack of sleep. I sometimes take a small amount of cough medicine, the ones with a may cause drowsiness warning. Iv`e tried every other method to make myself sleep, but they don`t work for me.


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