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Feeling OK ish !

Well its my 30th Monday and been worrying about wot to do ! When I'm out at party's after a few hours I lie to go home as had enough ! Trouble is if I have a party for my bday then I will feel anxious as won't just b able to leave my own party lol !!! Ddnt won't to do the meal thing neither ! Do feel a bit shit as wonted to do something for it also felt bad for friends and family ! Told them that been worrying about it all and now just going out with my partner for a meal on Sunday just the 2 of us. My best mate taking me for a meal tomoz and Monday on my bday of for another meal and b seeing rest of friends and family in the afternoon :-) that's the plan for now and maybe at a later date wen I won't to we will all do something together :-) I do feel crappy for not doing something with them all because I don't won't to have the feeling of getting out of where ever I am or just feeling not great !!! Does my head in I use to love a night out with friends and family... I no I would proberly be fine but I guess anxiety has won this one ! For now anyway. Anything will be better than last year that was so bad as that's when I'd not long been getting all this and didn't no wot was going on with myself ! Was in tears so this will be much better this year lol :-) x

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I don't see anything wrong with what you have planned, sounds lovely. Mind I've never been one for a fuss, anxiety or no anxiety.

Anyway, shouldn't a birthday be an excuse to do what you want, not try to please others?

Enjoy :)



Hi Stacey

When we have a Birthday coming up , 30th , 40th & so on , for some reason we feel we have to do something really spectacular to celebrate & we dont ;)

My 40th , was a quite affair , I went to my Mums (she was still with us then ) & just a few family members & my lovely children were there & we had some food , a laugh & a joke & then I came home & I loved it

Had another special one since :-/ and for that one , on the day I went to my friends & we had food again , chattering away & laughing

A few days later (started feeling like the queen by now as I had two Birthday treats ) went to my Daughters & other daughter & son came & their partners & again it was a lovely time we had , i so enjoyed it & wouldnt have wanted anything different

Its your Birthday you can do what YOU want & what ever that is , just make sure YOU enjoy it , its not a day to please everyone else , its a day just for you

I am sure I will get to say it , but just incase

Happy 30th Birthday for Monday :)





Thanks for the replays :-) I know I just won't to enjoy it and not be worrying but its all sorted now so we all no wots going on :-) I no one things for sure and that's I won't b doing my cleaning on Monday ! That's my normal cleaning day after the weekend ! Lol that one can wait :-) x


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