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feeling so down, lonely and anxiety back with a vengeance!!!!!

recently split up from partner of 7 years

Its the hardest thing Ive done I know its what I need to do but he has blamed me for everything cant handle my panic attacks and he thinks im a loon and I live on another planet don't know how long I can do this ive lost all self respect ive begged him not to do this but he has, feel so lonely and down

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Hi Blue.

So sorry to hear of your recent break up. As is so often the case people who don't suffer with anxiety cannot see beyond their own NORMALITY!!!!!!!!! , you are certainly not a loon or from another planet, I would expect a partner of 7 years to be a little more understanding, fortunately on this site we do understand and will give you all the help and support we can we all know where your coming from as we have been there so take care and keep us informed we care about all our members.

:) kenny


Ah HUn, ...we all know how hard this is and its normal that your anxiety will be high cos of the change, I split from my partner in March and I know how hard it is..

But you deserve to be with someone who will love you regardless of your anxiety........

Ive been with someone who blamed me for everything that was wrong in our relationship and I know how that batters you, but you deserve better!!

Habve you been to your gp for help and do you have family and friends to help you through??

Big hugs, youre not alone

Ker xx


Hi Hun, that must be tough for you. Your not a loon far from it! Is there someone you can talk to that understands you? To be honest your probably better off with out him. You don't need any negativity at precise moment. Take this time to heal yourself for you and nobody else, you'll be a stronger person for it:) Hope your ok, remember we're here to support one another:) Hugs xx


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