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Morning Blues

Morning Blues

Good Morning all

Another morning and the school run. I cannot help but feel upset that I cant take my baby to school. I feel useless as a mother, but I guess that's just me beating myself up.

Gathering all that anger and emotion into strength to get myself practicing the route and going out so I can start taking him:-)

Visualise, Visualise, Visualise for a sense of calm and control.... I will do great things this week.. hopefully:P

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Good morning, I am the same, although I am beginning to feel that my son (9) enjoys the independence of going! So it's just me beating myself up.

I hope your day gets better xxx


Hi Good Morning , a day late maybe :)

I think you are giving yourself a tough time as we do , when we have anxiety

If you were a working mother & you couldnt take your son to school , would you feel bad , as there a lots of them out there , that have to have a neighbour take them or a child minder

If you had a broken leg or something & couldnt take him to school would you feel bad , again I doubt it , anxiety is an illness & so please dont feel bad you cant take him to school ,

Do you get up with him in a morning , make sure he has his breakfast , clean clothes , what he needs for school, a big hug & kiss , before he goes :)

Are you at home when he comes back , waiting with another hug & kiss , telling him how well he has done , nice tea , warm bed & maybe a bed time story

I think the answer to those will be "yes" so you are a good Mum , as that is what children need

Lots may take their children to school & drop them of , but how much love are they showing them before & after school , love is the most important thing you can give your children & the most important thing to been a good parent & I bet you do all those things , so you are a good Mum, the rest will come as you get better & you will :)





Thankyou,i guess your right, I do my best and when he is home I give him my world. I go meet them on the way home, only a block away but it something:-) I need to stop beating myself up, hope your day is going good xxx


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