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Nice evening out :-)

Had a really nice evening out just me and a mate. Nice meal and a drink ! Was nice to be just adults and no kids lol...apart from this woman that kept staring at my mate so when we walked bk to r table I went over and said hi do u know us to which she say yes u look famileour ! I said do I and she just paused ! I said I don't do I ! It just u keep looking at my friend and your making her feel uncomfortable lol she was then like was I !!! To end it I said I just wonted to make u aware that's all she was like well you've made your point lol cool I replayed as I walked of think I made her feel silly and uncomfortable silly c** ! Gd :-) thinking shes all perfeck lol apart from that had a very gd night with laughs gd confo and nice food and wasn't at all anxious about going which is all gd :-) hope all is well with everyone :-) x

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Hi Stacey

Glad you got an evening out , minus kids, you deserve it :)

You seem to be really enjoying life at the moment & its lovely to read :)





Thanks :-) ...yeah trying to anyway was nice just having a few hours out though...hope your all gd :-) x


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