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Crying for nothing?

I find it near impossible to understand why, but i do. I'l just randomly cry. Anyone else do this? :S also Things that help you calm down? anything would be appreciated. I find it very difficult to tell someone face to face about my panicky, moments (especially while they are happening, even family) to i need something i could possibly do alone? <3 thank you everyone xox

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Hello & welcome

Yes I do & I do think this is part of anxiety

As well I can easily cry at anything , as little as someone winning money on Family fortunes

I do feel its a form of release from all these emotions we are feeling & even though you may feel worried by it , its not a bad thing as we are letting it out

Have you been to see your GP & explained how you are feeling

You dont have to go on meds or anything , but there is counselling that may help

Keep talking on here , it really helps just knowing you are not alone with how you feel





I think you need to talk to your GP, if you feel you will struggle to talk do what I do write it down and hand it over to the doctor. I know it us difficult to tell your friends and family. If you haven't suffered with anxiety people don't understand how bad it feels


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