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unfortunate timing...I love people on hand (the slaves :D)

Tomorrow is my turn for the whole 'back to school' dance - tricky in it's own way - add a dr appointment and a sofa delivery and I'm all angsty (even though it is all planned out with my slaves)...I'm going to the dr, the OH has the school and the fathership has the sofa - yet I'm still not going to sleep well...getting a bit fed up with being wrecked by the tiniest bit of pressure - once the routine is back I'm going to shake it up like never before ;)

x sam

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Hi Sam

Everything seems to come at once

I like you style of having everyone in place to share the load , good thinking ;)

I can understand the none sleeping , I am shattered & have been doing the same & now thinking why ?

Let us no how your big shake up goes ;)





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