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Beta Blocker- Propranolol 40mg?

On monday I had a really bad panic attack and passed out in the shower. It was really scary and I couldn't see or hear anything for about 5mins! :( I already had a doctors appointment that evening, so went along and was still really anxious. I asked the doctor about medication and she suggested Propranolol 40mg. What are people's experience with this and what kind of symptoms can it relieve? A bit worried about taking them!

xx :)

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This medication is very good for relieving panic attacks. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it because it made my blood pressure go lower, other than that no side effects. Good luck


I was on propanalol for a while for hypertension (high blood pressure). Side effects for me were all positives - helped me feel calmer and also eased my migraines for a while.


Hi Cath04,

I was on Propranol for a period of my life when I suffered quite badly with panic attacks. They suited me very well, and I experience no nasty side effects.

They help to relax your body and stop the physical pain that comes with an attack.

Hope that helps,

Carrie x


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