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First day

Today I'm off work so it's my first full day in the flat by myself as the OH is away to work...I'm slightly panicky as I keep thinking "ah what if something happens and no one is here"

It's hard being away from my family(I'm now about 23 miles away)

I'm lying in bed trying to chill out so I'm watching this Kardshians programme...wouldn't it be nice to have their big and life...seems the most the stress they have is which outfit to wear next or having their pictures taken....oh it's a hard life lol.

Anyway I'm gibbering on now but just thought I'd try an take my mind off how I'm feeling by sharing it as best as I can.

Hope everyone has a nice day :-)


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Hello Ashley

Yes would be nice , big house , money , nice clothes & Will-i-am , but thats part of my dream , now back to reality :-D

Hope you are keeping busy , i no you will be OK , & wont be long before OH will be home now , best have a nice tea waiting :-/





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