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Hi all

I have, in the past, suffered badly from health anxiety. The problem I find is that every time I feel ill I perceive it to be something awful. For the past couple of days I have been feeling really nauseous (but not actually sick) and of course my mind is leading me to the worst case scenarios. Has anybody else had this with anxiety? I didn't think I was actually anxious at the minute so worrying even more about it (if that makes any sense?!!) Thanks so much for your help and advice in advance :)

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hello princess01

reading your post was as if id wrote it, i am exactly the same. I was really ill last year which brought on anxiety and now if i feel even a little ill my mind blows it out of all proportion and the anxiety sets in even worse. i seem to have the obsession of thinking how im feeling 24hrs a day when im not good or even on good days sometimes which i so wish i could get rid of this cos its making normal life so hard. your not alone with this believe me but i don't know how to help you at this stage as im still going through this. thinking of you. big giant hug x



I guess I have a little bit of an obsession about nausea as really doesn't help that my digestion system hates me, is really slow and gets clogged up easy - it seems to make me much more sensitive to every little twitch, even the tiniest touch of indigestion can make me think I'm going to be sick and even the faintest possibility that I could be sick in front of someone sets me off - which makes me feel sick, one heck of a negative cycle :(

I too also begin to worry if I suddenly notice that I'm not worried...annoying

x sam


Hi princess01

Just wanted to say that I get terrible nausea with my anxiety. I would say out of the symptoms I get it is the worse one. Usually like you I am not actually sick but sometimes I can only get relief from the nausea from actually making myself sick.

I used to feel sick a lot and didn't realise it was the anxiety causing it. Once I was absolutely convinced that I had a bad stomach upset (or something much worse!) and didn't even consider that anxiety could make me that physically ill. The strength of the mind eh?! But then once I was calmer and the cause of my anxiety at that time had gone, the nausea miraculously disappeared. It always goes eventually but sometimes takes a little time for my appetite to return.

The only things that help me are distraction; I find it is worse if I lie down as my mind is churning and so is my stomach!

Anyway hope you are feeling bit better now?

Take care xx


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