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It come and it goes... emphasise on the goes hopefully

It come and it goes... emphasise on the goes hopefully

So my anxiety does go away almost as quickly as it comes ish, and it has washed back over me but it is a lovely sunny day and i'm not working so i'm going to make the most of it and try to ignore the anxiety. Still trying to settle into a new job though, after 3 months i'm still not quite settled and its a large hotel establishment so a lot of new people, hard to figure out who is 'like' me or will 'get' me. I seem to get along with people fine but i'm one of those people who worry that no one likes me at all even though they seem too, total paranoia and irrational but still think it until i really know people well... the photo is what i found on my morning dog walk, i always find lost things interesting.... a little dinosaur charm off a shoe i think

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I'm the same spending most of my time do they like me don't they? What do I need to do to make them like me?

It's really hard work, I would love just to be me and accepting of that!

Sounds an interesting place you work at lots of people watching to be done!

I think what I'm trying to say is do what you have to do and just be you

Take care xxx


Hi, good for you, determined to enjoy your day off while trying to ignore the anxiety, not always possible I know but great when it works :)

I don't think 3 months is very long in a new job, especially in a large place. If you seem to be getting along with people fine then you very probably are so, as Winter said, just be yourself :)

Love the little dinosaur, how observant to notice such a tiny thing.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day




I can imagine working in a hotel , the amount of people you will be involved with & well done , as when we have anxiety , this can be a big challenge , you seem to be coping very well , you should feel proud :)




Cute pic as well ;)


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