Appeal denied!

Appeal denied!

I mentioned a few months ago about how I had my benefit sanctioned for missing an appointment with A4e. I appealed, & Iv`e just recieved a letter telling me that my appeal has failed. I wasn`t expecting better, but it`s a disapointment just the same. I thought that just for once in my life I`d get treated fairly by the DWP. I guess fairness is too much to ask from people like that, who see all benefit claimants as lazy scroungers!

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  • I am sorry you have lost your appeal , but as you say certainly not surprised

    I would like them to walk in our shoes , I am sure they would soon be giving them back , as well as realizing that people like yourself are NOT lazy scroungers

    I no this will have upset you & I hope that you can put it behind you & not let them get you down

    Hope the rest of your day gets better :)




  • Hiya, sorry to hear your bad news.

    My daughters OH has just been sanctioned, AGAIN. They seem to enjoy doing it to people who do try their best to find work. The real lazy Bs get away with everything.

    I hate being on benifits, its more stressful than working, wish the DWP realised this. I wonder if anyone has ever won an appeal. xxx

  • I doubt very much if anyone has won an appeal. The DWP have no idea how bad life on benefits is for some people. I look forward to reaching retirmement age, then I can finally get off this merry go round of signing on, & endless government schemes & useless appointments.

  • You can apply for hardship hon if you have a sanction, not sure if you know?

  • I know, Iv`e done that in the past, but they make you pay it back at an exorbitant rate. I now save a couple of quid from my benefit each week for emergencies such as this, so I find myself with nothing at all to eat if I get sanctioned again.

  • Its not a loan its hardship hon you don't have to pay it back, you just fill out a hardship form and hand it in and they pay you a certain percentage of what you benefit is. Go in tmw and complete the form hun you are entitled to it but they don't tell you about it.

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