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Hi all,

Well I've been sitting patiently for 2 days waiting to see if I am still employed.

You would all think it would be such a simple thing, with a yes or no answer. Even more confusing is I can go back to my job on amended duties but the journey will only start the anxiety off again.

I've now been forced to go down the benefit road, all my positive feelings from earlier have disappeared, evaporated in the length of a phone call.

What is it that makes having a job so difficult with this condition,

I had been fine for so long, then a change and within 6 months I'm back down the snake again. I want to work but if I don't play by their rules I'll be back on JSA again, and trying to make an adviser understand how difficult it is to settle in any job.

OK rant and how unlucky I am over.

Have a good afternoon all.



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Sorry to hear that your day has gone down hill

Lots of people have had to either give their jobs up or have time of & there will be some brilliant advise , personally I have quite been in the same situation

But your GP , should help you with sick notes , which makes the system a little easier if you can provide them & gives you more time to get yourself together with a little less pressure

You health has to come first in all this & no one asks to feel this way , try not to come down to harsh on yourself & give yourself time , this will get better

Good Luck





Shalom Why Why,

I can always count on you to put a positive spin on things, you really are a great comfort to me.

I have a very good GP, who is actually the first one that has listened to me, been sympathetic and accepted that I do have mental health issues.

My problem I know will be continuing down the benefit route, I actually had a panic attack with an adviser once, couldn't breath or speak and they still filled the form in that said I was fit to work and had my benefit reduced.

Unfortunately because of other health problems I am unable to do the job I used to and I am very limited in what other work is available to me, but try and explain that one.

So the cycle starts again, still good days and bad ones, smiles and frowns.

Once again thank you Why Why.



I have had to go through the system & I no how hard & stressful it is

I would certainly ask your GP , for sick notes or any other letters to back you up , also I would contact CAB for support & advice , I no the benifits system has changed so much , but CAB are very good ,& any forms that need filling in they will help you , maybe this time with their support & been able to come on the site , it might not be as bad as you are anticipating

Please get support with , I did

Let us no how you go on



Thanks Why Why


& XXXX's


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