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Had a terrible weekend, my anxiety went through the roof again this is all driving me nuts, think my meds need changing as i feel they are not helping me after 3 months.Every day the shaking of my whole body makes even the simple things to do very difficult, think i am worse than i was 3months ago. I think what makes life more difficult is that nearly every day the rountine is the same from morning till bed, i often think that life is passing me by and the lonliness does get to you, having someone to chat to, share meals with, the feeling of having someone understanding enough to help you through all this. Thats what i wish for now and again, but then there is the other side of me that says i couldn't wish this on anyone having to put up with me. Sorry i am not having a good day, think i am just feeling sorry for myself and unloading on everyone, love to all San xx

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Hi san

Sorry its not been the best of weekends for you

Sometimes we can feel sorry for ourselves & why not , we are human after all

It sounds like its time to see your GP , you dont seem happy with the meds & you could be right , they may not be suiting you , so I hope you go back & let us no how you go on

I am sorry to hear you feel so lonely as well , I think you lost your OH 7 years ago ?

If you have never had something it can be lonely , but when you have , even more so as you no what you are missing & I can only imagine this must be a real struggle to adapt to

I do have my family around me & no I am lucky , on the odd time I am on my own & having a meal , i always have the TV on as I dont no way but I find it company , eating while watching something , takes that silence away for me

Sending big hugs & hope you are feeling a little better



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