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Can anxiety problems develop over a period as short as a few months and as a consequence of stressful events?

Over the past 4/5 months I had been made redundant, lost my grandmother and a friend has taken their own life. Following my redundancy in March, I have had 2 jobs, both of which I have felt I had no alternative but to resign from as a result of what appears to be symptoms of anxiety. The first job I held following my redundancy wasn't too dissimilar from the position I held for 3 years prior to that, yet I found myself completely unable to cope with the role and left after just 3 months there. Before each shift I was throwing up, acting completely irrationally in terms of being impatient, irritable and ultimately angry. I found myself becoming increasingly stressed on a week night with pure dread about the approaching next shift which in turn left me unable to sleep and when I could sleep I would have terrible nightmares. After leaving this position I managed to get a new job within around 4/5 weeks at which I lasted just 1 week before all of these symptoms reoccurred to the extent that I felt bed ridden and unable to eat for up to 3 days. I have developed an overwhelming attachment to my partner to the extent that when she is not in the house I find myself not eating or drinking, I tend to sit in silence just waiting for her to come home and when she does I can't let her out of my sight without feeling some sort of reaction. I have found myself avoiding my family and close friends and in a constant state of depression. At first I thought there was something physically wrong with me but after reading the info on this site I am now sure this is anxiety... I am 25 years old and have never suffered like this before, I am desperate to seek a solution to this but don't know where to begin or who to talk to, I find communicating this face to face with some one an impossible task hence my joining this forum. I just want help :(

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Hi & Welcome

It sounds very much like you are suffering with anxiety

All you have been through as well , will have added to what was already there

Feeling you need your OH as well , is very typical of how this makes us feel

I no you say you find it hard to talk , & I totally understand , alot of us do face to face but I feel if you could speak to your GP & maybe meds or counselling , this would be a huge help

Everything you have written in your question , copy it & just hand it to the GP , they would read it & take it from there , so many of us that struggle talking have done this & it works , dont worry either as how you feel they have hear it all before , so you wont be the first that has said they feel this way

Does your OH no how you feel , I do find having support from my hubby a big help , again if she doesnt , & you find it hard to talk , just show her this , as you have explained yourself perfectly & she wouldnt feel any less for you , but would want to support you

This site is a good place as well , you will get lots of advise & always someone to talk to , at the moment its just going through a change , so everyone is struggling a little with the new format , but bear with , as once it gets going again , you will never feel alone on here in how you feel

Let us no how you go on & keep talking





Hi, welcome to this forum.

After reading everything, yes I feel that you do have anxiety issues. A lot has changed in you life recently, this can affect anxiety levels.

I know this because last year I got married, lost my mum, broke my wrist and then lost my nana. I started with my anxiety before my nana passed away.

You need to make an appt at the drs and explain the whole situation fully don't miss anything out.

Please keep talking to us all



I feel like there is no time frame with anxiety. I would echo what why why and winter are saying see your gp meds or counselling will help you out right now. My partner lets me wake her up if I'm having anxiety attacks in the night. She also talked me down when I wanted to quit my job, my anxiety clouds me sometimes but my gp and partner are supportive. Talk to your gp and partner I'm sure they will listen and support. The people in here are awesome and give amazing advise and comfort listen to them


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