Jogging tonight

I have no idea if anyone is about or here tonight as it's like a ghost town but I'll just blog away anyway...was feeling a bit full of adrenaline earlier so I thought I'd go for a jog and see if I could burn some of it off well it's had the total opposite effect, I feel panic stricken now so thinking was it the jog that caused it or was I heading for this anyway. I guess on the plus side I went jogging and got my heart rate up, something ive been terrified to do. Was it worth it tho making me feel as I do now? :-(


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  • I didn't go running tonight, instead I'm lying awake with a pounding heart and dry mouth, can't sleep.

    Shame really, watched Michael Mosley and was drifting off, got up to go to the loo and went to pieces.

  • Sorry your feeling bad :-(

    Tomorrow's another day I guess and hopefully we both get that Friday feeling x

  • Hi Ashley, I think you should think how positive it was that you Did go :) and maybe because you didn't do that for a while, as a first time it left you a bit nervous. I can tell you today I felt like jogging after coming from work, or at least going for a walk, and I didn't! Worried I might feel bad, with panic feelings...I've been worried about high heart rates recently too... So, it was was great that you went, and next time it will be easier :) next time I'll take you as example and go out, even if just for a short walk! :) have a good night! xxx

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