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Jogging tonight

I have no idea if anyone is about or here tonight as it's like a ghost town but I'll just blog away anyway...was feeling a bit full of adrenaline earlier so I thought I'd go for a jog and see if I could burn some of it off well it's had the total opposite effect, I feel panic stricken now so thinking was it the jog that caused it or was I heading for this anyway. I guess on the plus side I went jogging and got my heart rate up, something ive been terrified to do. Was it worth it tho making me feel as I do now? :-(


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I didn't go running tonight, instead I'm lying awake with a pounding heart and dry mouth, can't sleep.

Shame really, watched Michael Mosley and was drifting off, got up to go to the loo and went to pieces.


Sorry your feeling bad :-(

Tomorrow's another day I guess and hopefully we both get that Friday feeling x


Hi Ashley, I think you should think how positive it was that you Did go :) and maybe because you didn't do that for a while, as a first time it left you a bit nervous. I can tell you today I felt like jogging after coming from work, or at least going for a walk, and I didn't! Worried I might feel bad, with panic feelings...I've been worried about high heart rates recently too... So, it was was great that you went, and next time it will be easier :) next time I'll take you as example and go out, even if just for a short walk! :) have a good night! xxx


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