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Root canal!!!!

Iv`e just spent a very unpleasant hour or so in the dentist`s chair this afternoon, having the first session of a course of root canal on an infected tooth. The dentist told me after he took an xray, that It`s such a complicated procedure that some of the work that`s needed can`t be done on the NHS, so I`ll have to pay £120 towards my treatment. The only alternative would be extraction, which I`ll do anything to avoid. It does seem unfair that I have to pay when I hear about a woman getting breast implants for thousands of pounds on the NHS, when I`m expected to pay for necessary dental work. I`m prepared to stump up the cash, but it won`t be easy as I`m on benefits. It seems really unfair to me!

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Should they be charging you that sort of money on benefits, it seems a lot.




Also how much are the NHS putting in, its seems a very expensive job.




I've just had my six-monthly check-up, two X-Rays and a filling and come out the dentist £128 lighter!

There are no NHS dentists round here at all now. It's all private and all you can do is shop around to see who charges the least.


Sorry to hear you have had to go through this , I do remember you having to go on antibiotics & was hoping that may have cured it

How unusual though , I have never come across anyone that gets free treatment having to put money towards , even if it is complicated :-o

I would ask about as well , not just to see who is the cheapest , but to see if its correct you have to pay





They have a limit to what they do on the NHS,I had a one tooth denture fitted a few years ago and could not suffer it,more often it was out and in my purse,so would not speak or laugh,went back to the dentist and he told me that was all the NHS would provide,so I would need to pay private for a bridge which I done dipping into my savings,I know I now will need root treatment on another tooth,I have had an abscess and been on antibiotics but again have toothache,so another bill I can ill afford as I am now retired.


I applied for help with NHS costs, so now don't pay anything for dental work, currently having a refit! had a tooth out following that my top denture no longer fits so I'm getting that done and a few filling all for a cost of £0



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