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# still quiet after all these years #

i've just been called quiet again here in work. only happened a few times but something crops up and i get involved / mentioned and then the comment 'you've to watch the quiet ones' or 'the quiet man'. it's so infuriating. i try hard to talk to everyone and build relationships etc but i still get this crap from people. no, i'm not the office joker, i'm not blabbing all the time, but i'm not quiet all the time either!? it's a blow and i'll get over it, but how many more times will i hear this in my life. does anyone else get this?

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Are you taking this a bit too much to heart? I've had similar comments directed to me in the past - I'm not the sort of person who has a loud voice, I don't push myself forward in conversations, some people are naturally quieter, more introspective. It doesn't mean they're unfriendly. Was the comment made in a jokey way, or did you feel there was a nasty edge to it?

I think this is one reason why I rather like on-line conversations in forums and chatrooms - everyone can get their voice heard by typing stuff into this little box - and each voice has the same volume on-line ;-)


Be yourself! X


hi folks, well I've calmed down about this now haha. no comments again but yeah I think I took that comment to heart, I should brush it off, I'm quiet sometimes so deal with it people! :) easier said than done but it's a start to acknowledge it as just a comment from someone who has a big mouth anyway and would say it to anyone without caring what they say.


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