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I have had challenges with panic attacks and anxiety for about two years.

I am pleased to say that I can see measurable progress from say this time last year. I would say that little by little I have made progress and am forming a plan to tackle situations that I avoid because of anxiety and panic attacks. However, the challenge that I am finding to be tough is health anxiety. I have had dental pain that has been on and off for about 10 days. I did not go to the dentist previously as I am trying to avoid making dental/doctors appointments for the slightest thing. However earlier this evening I did have some quite severe dental pain that caused me to become very anxious and panicky. I have decided to call the dentist first thing tomorrow morning and make an appointment. A part of me feels foolish about the fact that I did not make the appointment several days ago.

What advice can you give me on how to judge when it is reasonable to make a doctors/dentists appointment.

Very best wishes to you all.

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Yes I find going to the dentist , doctors etc a challenge as well

I used to go to the GP'S all the time for the slightest thing because I would panic

I have learnt though to ask myself , is this really a problem or am I just going for reassurance , which they have already reassured me over

If the answer is that yes I am , I don't go , as I have realised all the reassurance will not get rid of my health anxiety , I have to change my way of thinking , which can be done with practice , even though it does take a while

Dentist , if the pain was bad & I couldn't sleep or eat because of it I would go , I think for me i no if its a real problem , but as you have been having toothache on & of for 10 days , maybe it would be a good idea to go & have them looked at

I am tired as I am writing this , so not sure if it is of any help , just wanted to let you no , your blog has been read & good luck with going to the dentist





Thanks it's been really helpful.

I felt like my anxiety was just getting on top of me. I am now counting down the time until the dentist opens.

best wishes



I really want to experience dental pain ,then I can't eat anything could lose much weight .....I have messed extreme foods but I just never had it T-t


I understand what it is like to be carrying extra pounds.

I want to get to the gym more regularly and eat the right food. I do hope that you find the eating regime that fits with you.

Very best wishes



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