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Awful week

Hi all hope all is well, I have not been on for a while been a little better but this week worst for ages. Dr wants me to go for a brain scan over feeling well light headed. And now I have tooth ache today so dentist tomorrow omg and my partner seems to have gone strange on me he just seems to be blaming me for every thing t the moment so my light headedness is at its highest today sorry for moaning

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Hi Treacle

Sorry you don't seem to have had a good week

I would go for that scan , it will put your mind at rest hopefully , even though I no it might be daunting as I would feel that way

I go to the doctors complaining over this & that & then when they say they will refer me , I go into panic , thinking "o no "

I don't like the dentist either , I have let mine no , well I think they can tell , that I have anxiety & they are very good with me

Tell them you feel anxious , they will hopefully make you feel more relaxed , will be worth going as there is nothing worse than tooth ache

I no you say you OH has gone strange on you , sometimes I can think mine has , but usually that's my anxiety saying that , maybe that might be the case

If not , try & ask him if he is alright

You are not moaning , its good to get everything of your chest

Good luck at the dentist & let us no how the scan goes

Come on for support as well , to help you get through this





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