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Advice needed please regarding depression. Think my mum may be feeling depressed

We moved from London about 4 years ago, and all of my dad's family live here. My mum misses her friends, work and family (she was closer to her family in London). She has only made one good friend here, but sadly she passed away last year. She's quite a shy person, and doesn't go out to socialise. She only goes out with myself (which is not as often, now my anxiety has got worse but we go to the gym) and my dad. We've had so much stress since moving here, we was very close to being homeless and went from living in a house (which my mum loved) to moving to a flat again, lost 2 of our cats, money and health troubles. She's a big worrier too. My dad has mentioned that he's worried about her, and they have been having more arguments as of late. I suggested talking to the doctor, but we both know she can be very stubborn. And there is no way that she would take anti depressants. I think she would benefit from counselling, as she will be able to talk about things with someone different. She's not a very open person. My dad has asked me to talk to her about it, but I don't know what to say. Can I have some advice please.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles as well as your concern over your Mum

I no I have lived in places where I have been so unhappy & have thought I am depressed , but as soon as I have moved then I was happy again

So I think that for me is the difference from feeling low through your circumstances , rather than actually been clinically depressed as I believe nothing lifts you out of that without help

I would find the right time & just sit your Mum down & tell her how worried you are about her

Tell her you would be so relieved if she would talk to you as you have noticed everything doesn't seem right with her

Say after all the love & care you have given me over the years , I would like to give you some back if you will let me

If she wont talk or admit , there is nothing more you can do , as you no until we are ready , no one can make us say what is wrong , sometimes we cant even be honest with ourselves , because we don't always no

Just say then at the end , I hope you no I am always here for you if you need to talk & I love you

That's what I would do

Don't no if any of this will be any use

Hope everything works out in the end





Thank you whywhy, that's a perfect way of putting it. I suppose I can only talk to her and give her my advice, and not push her in to anything. Thank you again :) xxx


Good luck , I hope you let us no how it goes

Take care of yourself



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