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My week so far

So this week so far I've had someone tell me I'm dragging them down. I had a fight so bad with my ex that we agreed never to speak again even though I know this person is the love of my life and my mum told me I've to hurry up and move out cos she cant stand me being in the house anymore(that's the nice version)

So to say feeling very on edge and sad is an understatement, it's a shame though cos the chest pain hasn't been that bad this week but tonight it's agony.

Went to the Doctors again today, different lady this time she was alot better, checked my heart, said it all sounded fine, my blood pressure is normal, lungs sound fine as well. So I feel kind of reassured but cos the pain has retuned tonight thats all out the window :-(

I've tried to feel so positive this week but having 3 close people hate on you brings you down so far.

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Hi must be feeling so let down at the minute by the people you love. Your anxiety must be through the so sorry your dealing with so much pain. Its good tho that your doctor has reassured you...i do hope things sort themselves out for you with your mum and your ex. I wish you all the best and I hope your chest pains settle down..take care x


Thanks for replying. I guess I just needed a little vent. This seems to be the only place I'm doing that recently. I used to be able to deal with this kind of stuff no problem. It was like water off a ducks back, but since the anxiety started, I can't cope with anything, I end up becoming a bubbling mess.

Well hopefully today is a better althought I'm off work with not a thing to do lol x


I too hope you have a good day. Anxiety is the pitts and has us coping with all different kinds of emotions sensations amd torments. Its good to talk here and get things off our chest it really does help. Xx


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