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Does anyone else feel worse when it's wet???

I felt good and quite positive yesterday but am finding it hard to cope today, for some reason!!! I think it's maybe the weather as it's so changeable....we've had almost a week of great weather & then today the skies opened & it rained all day. My daughter (18) was to go to Majorca tonight on her first ever holiday without her parents, but there is an air traffic controllers strike so all flights over France have been cancelled......I feel like it's partly my fault as I wasn't as enthusiastic as I should have been because I have been going through this. I feel soooooooooooo

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You could not be responsible for the strike in France, surely, and it is such a big step letting go of our lovely babies. Just tell her how much you love her, and trust she will make decisions, they may not be good ones, but she will learn as we all had to from them.

As to the rain, just remember, above all that grey sky, the sun is still shining and the sky is still a beautiful blue. Its always shining we just dont see it sometimes.

Wishing you well



Morning I to feel rubbish when the weather isn't great think we all do at times but u seem to be having a little anxiety about u daughter going away which is normal its not ur fault how can it be xx when she gets there safe and sound and she calls let her know u love her ur take comfort ur not alone tho u should see me in the winter it's not gd chin up xx



I hope you are feeling a bit better today. You are bound to be anxious with your daughter going away its a big step for you but put trust in everything you have taught her whilst she was growing up.

Try not to dread the weather, we can't control it but we can be part of the sunny, wet, windy, snowy days we just need the appropriate hat and shoes. I barely left the house for a few weeks when I was really ill but then I made myself go for a 30min walk every day whatever the weather. Walking in the rain can be invigorating if you look at it with a view that the beautiful flowers wouldn't be there without it. Try a walk today if you are up to it and notice the beautiful colours out there take care love eve x


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