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Update on 1969

Dear ALL

I have had a message from yankee doodle at admin to say that some of you kind people have contacted him to express your concern about me.

My mind cleared for a moment and I realised something was not quite right.

I have contacted 111 and they are going to send a CRT team to come and see me.I am not sure what CRT is but it seems that they will assess me.

I am feeling a little better now and would like to thank you all very much.

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Hi oap

That is good news

Please don't worry , they are very kind people & they just come & have a chat to see what they can do to help you

Glad you are feeling better

Did they say when they would come & visit

Let us no how it goes





That's great, Oap, really pleased for you! I think CRT stands for Community Response Team from Social Services - or something like that - they will see if there is any more support or help they can get for you, and maybe see if your GP can do more about your medication, to help your sleep! :)

Well done, my love, hope the CRT are helpful and can help you get your life back on track a bit!

Lots of love




Well done, you've been so brave making the call.

I'll be thinking about you.

Let us know how you get


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