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New to the site-my story


Well I've just found this site whilst searching how best to cope with anxiety. I struggle with strange places, public toilets and not looking 'feminine enough'. I'm 6ft with short hair and get all sorts of reactions in female toilets, gym etc. I've gradually got worse and worse over about 6 years. To the point where my last 2 holidays we hardly left where we were staying, it all came to a head last August and my partner just doesn't want to go abroad and have a 'holiday' like that again. Been on propananol now since last October and eventually get to see someone from the mental health team Wednesday. I'm a bit nervous of talking about stuff. I've admitted ive got issues to my family these days and to myself, which was the hardest part. It makes me sad that there is so much I don't o anymore. I work and go to the gym nd shop etc but only in places I'm used to. I've made myself go to the cinema and theatre at quiet and busy times, so I'm trying to face stuff. Here's hoping the therapy will help and I can begin to move forwards

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Thanks for your reply. I try not to think about what I used to be capable of and just try and move forwards but it's hard

Welcome to the site you will find the people here most understanding and supportive.

I have anxiety and panic attacks so know exactly how you feeling.

We all need to break out of the circle we are in to regain our confidence which enables us to get out of the comfort zone. Understand about going to places that your familiar with but we have to try and break out to get our lives back on track.

Keep blogging and i hope you find the site helpful we are like one big family who can share what we are feeling.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx

Hello Bleachy. Self esteem is everything, isn't it? I have always had low self esteem, despite the fact that I was apparently very attractive when I was younger. I didn't believe anyone. You are probably much lovelier than you realise. As for looking feminine - if many of the silly tarts on TV are anything to go by, then you are better off as you are. Have you seen that woman squirming by the pool at the end of the new Tesco clothes advert? She looks like a real stupid slag. How could they make a fool of her like that?

I started Propanolol yesterday and have an upset stomach now - did you get that?

Anyway, just keep looking at the silly tarts on TV and thank your lucky stars you aren't like them. xxxx

Hi there. It's hard to tell whether they give me a bad stomach as I regularly get that anyway with the anxiety. I haven't seen the Tesco advert I'll keep my eye out. The last people that said anything to me were in the gym chaining rooms, I can read!! And had I been a man I think I might indeed of noticed I'm in the wrong ones once naked bodies appeared!! They were a couple of older ladies too. I have been told by my self help counsellor, who I saw today for the first time, that I should challenge them and not soak up the burden. I reckon he's going to have me doing some exercises soon, I dread to think. All positive though, hopefully I can move forwards now with his help.

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