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Crazy woman


Hi all,

So I think I must be nuts!

At the weekend I took part in a crazy event called "Tough Mudder" (Not sure if any of you have heard of it) which is basically a half-marathon with 22 terrifying obstacles, most of which involve fire, water, electricity and of course mud. I have no idea how I got through this, but I definitely learnt a lot about myself by taking part.... as I'm sure many anxiety and depression sufferers can confirm, one of the biggest issues is over-thinking and focusing on the negative. Now I'm 100% guilty of both of those, I overthink EVERYTHING, focus on the worst possible case scenario, and even when amazing things have happened I will always, ALWAYS focus on the negative no matter how big or small. But the way I got through this event was by NOT thinking - just doing! Looking back on it now I'm terrified by some of the stuff i actually did (I feel slightly panicky realising that I jumped from 20 ft into some deep water - my worst nightmare) but I know I got through it by just ignoring all the scary thoughts and doing it. It's probably easier said than done but I'm absolutely going to try and apply this to daily life now... And after what I put myself through, I figure what's the worst that can happen???

Hope everyone is doing well, just thought I'd try and share some positivity (and madness) with you all :) xxx

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Thanx K

Wow, good on ya. I hate, can't jump into water lol. My OH has roped me into the race for life this year and I think I'll have to employ the same tic tacs lol, don't think, just do it xxxx



That does sound postive, and a great day out.

What a great way to practice, keep it steady and dont rush, and your right, what is the worst that can happen, staying the same or just maybe getting better.

Excellent, wish you lots of success.



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