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Hi I'm new to this and I suffer anxiety and have done for 2 years now.. I'm on propranolol which seem to work ok for me but lately I'm so worried about leaving the house unless it's somewhere familiar... I have a caravan holiday booked at the end of this month which is 2 hours away and I'm terrified of going can anyone give me any advise on how I can cope instead of canceling??

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Is booking the holiday part of a personal challenge?

What are the main things you are worried about?

Will any forward planning help?

Best wishes.



just to answer ur questions i didn't book the caravan holiday my partner did as she thought it would do me good...

im worried about panicing while im away and not been able to get help if i needed terrified of visiting new places away from my home :-( i have tried getting in the car and going to places but i feel myself going into hot sweats that i have to turn and go straight back home.

i feel stupid and such a let down to my little boy and i just hope one day i will get over this

thanks for replying xx


Hi Vicky

Feeling anxious & leaving the house is very common when suffering with anxiety

We feel most secure been where we feel safe , which is usually at home

The thoughts of going away can bring on these feelings

Try not to build on them though as that feeds the fear , I no its not easy

You may be surprised & really enjoy it when you get there

Welcome by the way

Keep talking , there are lots of lovely people on here , feeling or have felt as you do , who are always ready to support





hiya whywhy,

thank you so much for replying to me. I have decided to take myself out tomorrow and go to a new place that is not so far from where i live and just try to enjoy the experience, im saying this now cos im feeling kinda strong about this but i know when tomorrow comes i will feel so scared.. so fingers crossed if i dont think about it i may end up having a good day i will keep you informed x


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