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Long time no blog!

Well finally plucke up the courage to go to the doctors had the appointment this morning and went very well. Although I did cry my eyes out to her she was very supportive and kind. I have been referred for CBT not been put on medication yet but it is an option. I feel better for doing this cos I'm going to get the help and the support needed. Even tho you guys on here have been amazing if it wasn't for you guys supporting me I don't know what I would if done x

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Hey squidge that's great and I remember a few months ago how hard it was to make the doc appointment and then actually get there and then spill out everything it's exhausting but im glad i did as im in a much better place now. im so glad you have taken the first step and this site is so valuable too take care love eve x


Well done squidge, that was a big step to take and you did it...

Hope all goes well

Sue x


Well done

Let us no how you go on





Hiya and well done, big pat on the back xxx

It's hard, that first step but you've done it. I cried like a baby at my first GP sesh lol. It felt good to get it out. It's nice to have a GP who is supportive as some of them can be right wankers lol pardon moi French :-)

Good luck and keep us posted xxxx Cookie


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