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hi I am new here!

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hi everyone! I just started taking Prozac today it’s my first time with antidepressants and feeling a little nervous. Over the last 3 months I have been dealing with the worst anxiety/ panic attacks daily and I knew it was time to take control of my mental health. It’s been a struggle, I am looking for support in this moment and words of encouragement 🤍 thank you, Jane

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Hi Jane and welcome to the group! I hope that we can give you the support that you need!

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hi! Thank you so much, I appreciate it. I can use all the support right now :)

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Welcome to our group. I've been struggling with depression since I'd say my early teens so for about how I'd say about 43 years and I've been in therapy since I was 27 also struggling with anxiety and PTSD you're not alone we are here for you and I will always be listening here if you just want to have someone listen to you also can provide provide some experience what I actually it's worked for me

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hi wow thank you for sharing, I know the struggle.. it’s hard to admit. I had anxiety my whole life along with depression comes and goes but I have underlining trauma that hasn’t been dealt with plus I am a recent cancer survivor. So all the anxiety/ depression finally caught up with me, so now I am facing it. Can I ask how you manage your anxiety?

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I have a new therapist and I've always been told that the emotions and feelings you're dealing with goes away eventually in like 30 minutes to an hour because I've struggled with it almost on a daily basis actually the anxiety gets as bad as when my hands start to shake uncontrollably but I just hope that there is a ways I can help with anxiety I know they always tell you maybe breathing exercises Breathe In and Out real slow and deeply I know that's supposed to help and I was also told by my therapist art therapy by drawing pictures on a daily basis whenever you get anxious and then color it in and also work with working with clay and creating things out of the clay and painting it

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Deerj, I'm so glad you are in remission from cancer. I'm so glad you kicked cancers butt

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I wanted to tell you that I have childhood trauma trigger warning I was molested for about 7 yearsafter that I blocked out a lot of stuff and it didn't hit me until I started working full time when I was 23 years old and everything came rushing back and I know it's really hard and when things come on top of that what you're dealing with and your present life it gets really hard but I know that we can make it through this please stay strong my friend

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Hi Jane, you've just taken a step forward into a safe and caring forum.

Welcome...I'm glad you are here with us. :) xx

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Hi Jane and welcome. I hope you have good results with Prozac. Be patient with it, as it may take a couple of weeks before you start to feel it’s full effect.

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hello Jane, welcome! You are among friends. We welcome your shares and look forward to getting to know you and support you through your journey. Anxiety can be difficult to handle, so I hope this medication makes a difference! Good luck and welcome

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Welcome to this safe and supportive community. :)

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