Health Anxiety Sucks!!!

I haven't posted on here for a while because I've honestly been feeling pretty good! However, my health anxiety has not decreased AT ALL. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for getting that a little more under control? I know many people say "when in doubt, get it checked out", but if that were the case I would be living at the doctor's office! Thanks!

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  • Hey I'm sorry, I don't completely understand. What is health anxiety?

  • The best I can relate it to is hypochondriasis. I'm constantly oversensitive to every ache or pain I'm feeling, worried that it's something serious! Most of the time I rationally know that isn't true, but it's hard to move past the fear of something being medically wrong!

  • From Jan this year I've been a completely different person, I was so worry free but then I got a stomach virus and since then I've developed a horrible Health anxiety, so I get what u mean over sensitive to pain etc , I have good and bad days but my busy days are the best when I don't get time to think to much, a busy mind is a healthy mind that's my saying :) hope you are well

  • Oh! Thank you for explaining that; I feel like I should've known that xD One thing I would tell you is, do NOT look things up online when they happen to you. It will make your anxiety much worse. When you attend nursing school in the fall, you'll learn a lot about how everything is connected, which is why no matter what you search, you get "pregnant" or "cancer" from WebMD.

    Instead, I recommend having a few trusty, level-headed individuals in your life who won't get tired of reassuring you that you're fine, but who also know enough to rush you to the ER if you really weren't. Consider getting yourself a medical encyclopedia; these often come in plain language, and the one my father had growing up separating the vague symptoms from the "when to worry" sections.

    When in doubt, breathe! It really does go a long way. In the mean time, I'll look for more answers for you. I'm sure we can find something :)

  • I suffer the same thing. I worry more than I should about having something wrong with me. I believe that the best way to combat this is to remember that symptoms need to be grouped together to be something. An individual ache or pain is not indicative enough on its own. I also remember not to do too much internet research, because just one hour on the internet can convince everyone that they are dying. Doctors complain all the time about the internet making people think they have something wrong with them when they actually don't. I also try to remember that the body just naturally has some aches and pains sometimes, for various non-dangerous reasons.

    If it makes you feel any better, I thought I had PCOS (but for really good reason. I had almost all of the symptoms such as missed period for 5 months, acne, a bit weight gain, some unwanted hair) so of course I got tested. And the doctors found absolutely nothing and then I got my period soon after the tests. It had so clearly seemed like PCOS and everything seemed to match up, and then in the end nothing was wrong with me. Even the acne and the some unwanted hair thing went away.

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