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Safe Haven Cafe As An Alternative Safe Space For Seeking Mental Health Support

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This is a post about a new form of support called a Safe Haven Cafe generally not well known.

People experiencing mental health issues may find visiting a hospital emergency department traumatising, threatening, unsafe and dehumanising. yet they often view this as their only option when they feel unwell or unsafe.

The Safe Haven Cafe Model was developed in the UK and a network is being developed in Australia.

Safe Haven cafes help improve mental health consumers’ experience of care and social connectedness by providing a non-clinical, therapeutic alternative.

Cafes provide

* a non-clinical, therapeutic space where people seeking mental health care, respite and support outside of normal business hours can comfortably connect with mental health professionals, peer support workers who understand their struggles and volunteers.

*provide these consumers with better and more responsive care in a more appropriate setting, with a focus on helping them build resilience and self-manage.

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This sounds like a great idea. Thank you for posting


I’m confused. I don’t see anything offered other than movies after a short video of the benefits of the cafe. But there’s no link to the actual cafe experience. What’s your take on it, blackcat? Am I missing something or is it just not there to miss?

These are in the early stages of being developed in Ireland too. I believe the first one has started in Galway.

With a google search I found one of these cafes near me. It sounds good but I cant help but feel nervous about the idea of going in. I wonder iif the workers see me going in they will be thinking 'We've got one!! He seems messed up enough to need our help' 😂

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I may brave it and go in one day. 😊

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I would say you would find them very supportive. Love your great sense of humour! I would find much hope in that!

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Yeah its refreshing not to take ourselves seriously 😋

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At least sometimes anyway 😊

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Oh, it deffo helps

I hope these cafes are of benefit. They seem like a good idea to me. Clinic or hospital settings and preset questions in such places can be intimidating, and perhaps sometimes people just need a safe space

This sounds interesting. Are there any in the US?

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I googled it to the best of my ability and I could only find one cafe. In New Jersey. Wait a few weeks and you could enjoy the turning of the leaves while you’re there.🍁🍂

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