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Happy birthday to my mother

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Each part of the museum was breathtaking but this was one of my favorite pictures I thought I would share it with you guys. Another big step for me. I need some rest I’m not sure why I feel drained I’m just really tired toodles be back later after a nap

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Oh that's breathtaking You did it honey x

I'm so proud of you

What a birthday memory for your mom

You deserve to rest a little :) xx

I did it I actually did it We will never forget this birthday

Danielle, what a huge accomplishment. Your love for your mom showed through loud and clear on her special day.

That museum looks amazing. Never saw anything like that before.

Is there one in Chicago?

Enjoy the day with your mom. It's a special day for both of you.

High 5 I knew you could :) xx

I posted more pics, it was a dream and I googled it but I don’t see any near you. you would have loved it Agora

Super big hugs Danielle ❣❣❣ What an amazing day for you & your mom (& Spidey). It looks beautiful. So proud of you Sunflower. Enjoy your nap (hear you on needing 1). Lots of love (and KitKats). 👏💗🍫😊

🌻🌻🌻 I will never forget this day Mel and mom was so happy

You did it …😃….knew you could!!…..trippy stuff ,looks amazing

Since they look like they’re moving around it does look trippy and it changes color and shape all the walls and the ground too. So much fun!!!

One of the best day ever

You did it!!! So happy for you and your mom:)

Special days can make you tired.

Sleep tight


A complete success, thank you. The nap was definitely needed I’m awake and hype with happiness

Wow I am so impressed you made it well done. I bet your mother was much happier that you did than seeing the actual museum itself. You felt the fear and did it anyway. Great. x

Thank you Hyper!! She definitely was all smiles today and I feel proud about this big step, hopefully there’s more of those on the way

Not hopefully - there is. You have shown you can do it now build on that. Chill out and recover for a bit though first. Onwards and upwards. x

It's beautiful ❤️🌞

It really was. Wish I could post videos on here

You can post video's. I don't know how but you can. Others do.

I read your earlier message about how important it was for you to take your mom to the museum for her birthday. It was obvious how much you love her and I'm thrilled for you that you were able to make it happen. What an incredible accomplishment. As someone who suffers with anxiety, I admire your strength of character and the bravery it took for you to make this happen. Congratulations!!!!

Thank you for these kind words, she really is my world and making her happy for her birthday was everything I wanted 🌻❤️

Just wanted to let you know that your post inspired me. A friend of mine is having a birthday in a couple of weeks and someone told me about lavendar fields around a half hour from where I live. I wanted to go and check it out to see if it would be a nice place to take her but I have terrible driving anxiety and it's really hard for me to overcome it. The place was supposed to be nice with places to buy lavendar ice cream, lavendar scones, etc. and eat them while you're walking through the fields. Long story short, I went today. Drove there all by myself (though I took side roads and no highways). I thought of how brave you were to go to the museum and that helped me get the courage to go. Although the place didn't quite live up to the hype and I probably won't take my friend there, I was really proud just to have made it there and back in one piece. Thanks for encouraging me by sharing your post about your mom and the museum.

❤️❤️❤️❤️🌻 yayyyyyy you should definitely feel proud of yourself, you did it!!! And a lavender field sounds amazing I wonder if we have something similar where I live, we do have sunflower fields but sadly no ice cream 😭. I’m proud of both of us

You could be a photographer. You should print your photos and surround yourself with them. Maybe you could make a proof journal photo book. No better proof than the photo! Then when you feel like you can’t do something go to your proof journal and see all the beautiful proofs that you can conquer your fears without bad things happening. I just love this! I use to write my proofs to encourage me when I doubted myself. Photos would be excellent proof! Photography a good hobby also.

TINKKKKKKKKKKKKKK when did u came back

That’s actually a great idea I took tons of photos mostly videos, I have regular journals but I never thought about having one made of pictures

I have had a pretty challenging year. Then got a random email from health unlocked about privacy practices so thought I’d check back in on everyone. About 2 weeks ago. All the progress I’ve seen from people is just amazing.

A proof journal when your scared let’s you look back at the proof of challenges you’ve faced and can really help you facing other challenges. Written or photos. Photos are just so cool though. Reminds you of all the blessings you had as well. ❤️

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