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Happy happy birthday!


Just turned 28 today!

As a kid I was sure that by 28 I will have my own family and I will be it’s core. That I will have that magic spark for everyone around me! I was sure that the love I have deep inside me will be the best ingredient to make my future wonderful.

Nothing in my life goes well now and I’m sinking in mud... but hell yes! 28 means breaking the bad karma of club 27! I hope that new number means more strength and courage! Maybe I will finally grow assertive :)

Whatever is gonna be, good or bad, better or worse, I know that we can survive it.

I wish us all a major breakthrough! Something that will give us different perspectives! There is always a solution, most often the best one is to just smile...


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Happy Birthday!! I'm glad that you get to see another year! Your family will come when it's a right time for you!

Happy birthday OB. I hope you have a good one etc. You have lots of time yet to achieve what you want so hopefully you will soon.

When I was 28 I had just gone to Uni and was having the time of my life. I also bought a flat, got 2 kittens, went abroad for the first time, learnt to drive etc. My life changed for good then which was positive. x

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you're approaching it with the right frame of mind. I'm about double that age, but I remember 28 feeling like the first time I was really, not just provisionally, an adult. Kind of empowering. Here's to breakthroughs for everyone!


Happy Birthday!!!! 28, you are a baby. Life is super long. You have plenty of time to work on that bucket list. It'll happen, baby steps. Now do something fun for yourself today:)

Happy birthday Orangeblossom 🥳💗🎈🎂 I hope you have a wonderful day & year.


💕 Happy Birthday 💕 I hope you have a positive,peaceful and bright year 💕

happy birthday to you hope its a day filled with laughter and happy memories that live long in the mind.all the very best on your big day.

Happy Birthday Orangeblossom! You've been through a lot this year,

but today you are ready to approach another year in your life with a

positive attitude and a smile. :)

Best wishes. May all your dreams come true xx

Happy birthday sweetheart 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚💃💃💃💃🌻🌻🌻

God bless you orange blossom. I'm 36 and am fighting hard too! Keep up the fight. You'll get it kid.

Happy Birthday OB. What a great attitude! Good things are coming you’re way.

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