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How do I get rid of ear wax that's stuck deep inside my ear?


I've always had a problem with excessive ear wax but since I woke up yesterday morning I am completely deaf in my right ear. I know that cleaning with a cotton swab pushes the wax in further and I have no hydrogen peroxide. Help!

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I have a product my ex husband used I got from Amazon but he took it with him. I'd call your pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. They have stuff you can buy

New vegetable oil (I use olive oil), a few drops twice a day. After 3-5 days, see if you can get a clinic doctor to flush out your ear with warm water.

Sometimes, just using the oil suffices (it shifts the wax blockage just enough so that it is no longer pressing against the eardrum [which otherwise dampens out any sounds].

Try to avoid frequent ear flushing (it leads to more and more wax build up, as the body will start to protest and produce a higher rate of earwax). eg. If the clinic doc offers to flush out the other ear (and, it's no problem for you at present), I'd decline the invitation.

~wbiC, member anxiety-depression-support forum

There is a wax extraction product on Amazon. Don’t recall the name (something like Wax MD) but it looks like a spray bottle. It is basically the same idea for how they flush it out at the doctors office. Very effective. Alternatively your doctor can do it.

I personally, would see if I could go to a medical doctor and have that taken care of there, especially since you can barely hear. I know because of Covid many doctors are just doing virtual appointments, so if that's the case then I would try a do at home solution. Or you could possibly try going to an Urgent Care place.

I would suggest calling your doctor.

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