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Is anybody else feeling extremely depressed now winter has hit?


Over the past week I’ve been feeling extremely depressed laying down for hours and have a lack of energy and feeling extremely tired it’s making me feel anxious :( feeling very lonely also.

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Yes the winter makes me like this! I wish it was summer 🌞 hope your ok?

Danzdanz123 in reply to Mydogb

Same I mean I didn’t use to be too bad in winter just the usual I wish I could stay in bed longer but it’s hit hard the last two winters. Summer is the best season! Just have to keep pushing through and trying! Hope you are well x

Yes, same here. The past few weeks where really hard for me as I am also a sun person (also a Leo ♌️). This year it really hit me with the sudden weather change. My holistic therapist recommended taking vitamin d which I started a few weeks back. I think it does make a difference. Ever taken vitamin d before. I had the choice: vitamin d or antidepressants that my psychiatrist prescribed. I feel a little bit better but still have to make sure I go for walks daily. Hot chocolate (there are healthy options) helps too. 😊

Good idea! I should probably take some vitamin D, such a better choice than tablets! It’s awful isn’t and I think because of the covid situation we can’t just go to our friends or families to socialise! I will definitely be having some hot chocolate very soon it heals all haha! Thank you x

It came way too early where I am! It’s crazy. Another reason why 2020 sucks so bad.

Well today in the uk the clocks went back so another dreaded hour of 2020 it hit 6 pm and o thought it was 9 pm which made me feel so depressed thinking the day was over and I’ve done nothing. Hope you are okay!

I have an impossible situation where the winter coming means I will be freezing cold all winter long as I have no way to heat my home. I've suffered 2 years in a row from this and now I have to go through it a 3rd.

It's really Painful and very Upsetting. I feel more sorry for the 1000,000 homeless in my LA area. They have no home at all.


Danzdanz123 in reply to Catman22

Oh no way!! Why can you not heat your house up? Being freezing cold makes it harder to do things as well! I feel so bad for you is there anyway you could get a little heater or maybe a few extra blankets to warm yourself up? Hope you will be okay x

Catman22 in reply to Danzdanz123

Well, I didn't want to talk about that

But I did something wrong and was actually attacked by the swat team.

I'm not able to repair all the damage they did to my home. They had their dog attack me. They killed my cat

Hb2003 in reply to Catman22

I am so sorry about that

Danzdanz123 in reply to Catman22

So sorry to hear eventhough you may have done something wrong your cat definitely didn’t deserve to die and you definitely don’t deserve to be living in the cold! Make sure you wrap up with every piece of clothing you have even try working up to break up a sweat to get warm x

Catman22 in reply to Danzdanz123

You know what my neighbors did ?

They nailed a big piece of plywood over the window so they don't have to see it

I told them how cold I am -

and they don't care,


but you do

I just sent my estranged little brother a really nice email with my picture -

I apologized for the past

Unfortunately. I take a daily dose of vitamin d and I use a therapy lamp. Both work well. It's still really hard, though. I find that having a hobby is especially good in the winter months. Do you have a hobby? I cross-stitch.

It’s very difficult isn’t it and yes I have so many hobbies but that’s my main issue I want to do them but have been in this loop for many years of coming around to do them and eventually crashing again and doing nothing it makes me have no energy at all to do anything and when I think about doing my hobbies of procrastinate all the time even though I want to do them so badly! X

I understand this. Depression is really good at zapping our energy as well as making ourselves feel bad. We are our own worst critics even without depression to top it off! I tend to get stuck in my own lovely cycle of thinking about everything I need to do, stressing myself out, resting/procrastinating and then feel even worse for not getting just one thing accomplished. The cycle repeats over and over. It really stinks!

how do you come around to doing your hobby I can imagine cross stitching is quite fun and also hard, I just wish I had something in me to be occupied by working on my hobbies instead of failing to do them x

Are you being critical of yourself here by saying you fail to do them? If so, you only fail if your thoughts tell you that you fail.

To tell you the truth, I don't get very far at all in my cross-stitching until I lose motivation for that. I go onto an easier think like reading, watching TV, etc.

I mean just even doing 5 minutes of it is really good so you should be proud of yourself! Yes I’m very critical of everything I do and it just gets easier to just sit on do nothing instead of having to beat myself up eventhough I do that just by doing nothing too!

Thank you for saying that!!! That actually does help!😊😊😊

I lay in bed for my "nothing". I either fall asleep or am on my coloring app. Next thing I know hours have passed (especially true if I fall asleep). It is not a good feeling.

My therapist has been trying to get me to create a daily schedule for myself, complete with self care times. This has stressed me out in the past, but I might try it again. Would making a schedule be something for you?

Yes the weather is affecting my mood. My anxiety and depression seems to be affected. I find that I am having to work twice as hard to get the same results as usually do.

Danzdanz123 in reply to Eagle12

Yeah it’s so difficult i wish there was a magic button to press to make us all better!

Yes :(

Dear Danzdanz123,

I have given this advice elsewhere, on these 'Forums' but.... Put your Christmas Decorations up, after Guy Fawlks Night- yes a 'Tad' early, but the- can I say pretty- Lights WILL Cheer you up. Dig out, or Buy, a Halogen Heater- which gives a, very pleasant, yellow glow.

Turn Down, or even off, your Living Room Radiator... Turn On the Halogen Heater. Put On those Christmas Lights. Poor yourself either a Wisky, Port or Baylies (is that right?) or a Hot Chocolate/ Horlicks. Get Comfortable, on the settee or your favourite chair, pull that Lovely blanket- or Quilt- over you.... Night Night Danz.

A few nights relaxing, like this, and you will definitely 'Start' to feel, at least, more 'Possitive' about 'Things'.

Please feel free to contact me here or, if you wish, you can PM me. Sending my Warmest Wishes, to you Danz.


I dug out a light therapy lamp somebody gave me and have gone up on my vitamin D. I hate daylight savings time wish it wasn't this Monday.

Marysblue in reply to Marysblue


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