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A reminder

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Listen to your needs and intuition

Rest when needed, push when needed

Listen when needed, give when needed

Take care of yourself first so you will gain energy to care for others

I hope you are well

Love you all 😍

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'Morning..whoops, Good Afternoon, my dear friend Starrlight! sophie4 here to wish you a gentle, calm Sunday.

Thank you so very much for your words of wisdom. You're so right.

I'm in a very horrible place right now...the depression is beyond overwhelming. The anxiety is fact-filled and eating me up. In addition to the continually fight against too many...and I mean far too many life problems that cause incredible flare-ups of debilitating depression I re-read your posts for encouragement. And I thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul.

Now...listen up, dear friend...JUST because I'm having a tough, rough time DOES NOT MEAN I'm not here for YOU. PLEASE remember this. I may not be able to get riht back to you but you know i will.

Thank you for everything.

4 Sophie, some flowers





How incredibly kind and thoughtful. Your flowers will always be on this little desk, smelling so lovely, always reminding me of your sweet soul.

Many, many, many thanks.


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Starrlight in reply to sophie4

You are beautiful And I’m sorry you are in a down place but you will get up again and find a way to be stronger than and defeat the anxiousness. If ever you want to release any of those problems so you can be lighter please tell them to me. And I will tell mine to you. We can lift each other up. That’s what friends are for. Thanks for being here for me.

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sophie4 in reply to Starrlight

Thank you, dear Starrlight. We're here for one another. We can share ...release is a much better word...and I hope we can lift one another up to better places. I'm just having the toughest time and can't seem to pull up and out of this torture.

Be well. Take extra good care of yourself. I'll write soon, I hope.


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Starrlight in reply to sophie4

I hear you. Yes let’s lift each other up and please do write me again.

I believe you will get to a better place my friend.

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sophie4 in reply to Starrlight

There's something you MUST know, dear Starrlight. Your e-mail (Sunday) helped me get through the night. Believe me, this is major. How can I thank you? I'm still unable to pull myself out of this gloom, but I look forward to writing to you later this afternoon.

Thank you so much. You lit up the sky!!!!!

Write to you later.


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sophie4 in reply to Starrlight

Wanting to say hello...to tell you that you are in my thoughts...looking forward to enhancing our friendship. Still having a rough time.

Be gentle with yourself and do something you love.

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Starrlight in reply to sophie4

Thanks for the reminder, yes gentle is what is needed.

What else do you think would help you today?

For me hmm 🤔 🧐 🤨 I don’t know

Beautifully said Starrlight

Happy Sunday! :) xx

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Starrlight in reply to Agora1

Thanks Agora, Happy happy Sunday!!!

Starrlight, IF you have the time and feel like it, I have a tech question. How do I keep all my Healthunlocked in on place? Every one of my communications are in my in-box. I bought this goofy computer...called WOW (for seniors...UCH!) and it doesn't function like a regular computer BUT the monthly payments sealed the deal. Can you help?

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Starrlight in reply to sophie4

Hmmm well my Healthunlocked App automatically placed itself In the favorites desktop section because I use it so much... so I’m not sure how to get it in an easier to reach spot I’m sorry, hopefully someone else can shed some light on it for you.

I love this

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Starrlight in reply to thara9643


This is lovely Starrlight x

Happy Sunday




Right backatchya beautiful!


Beautiful Silly!!! Thanks


Woah I liiiiike I liiiike really so many different emotions come from it... how are you?

I’m good thank you star ...glad you felt them too ...enjoy your evening 🙃

Thank u 2 🙃


Love your enchanting words. They bring so much peace and hope to me.

If it doesn’t get better

It won’t get worse

So be happy and never

Ever start to curse :)

Ha I love your rhyme, Luna-blade! I’m glad for your peace and hope. I like to curse for it calms me makes me laugh lol 😂

Thx Starlight!! Sure cursing sometimes lets out some of our buried anger 🤣

Yes! 🤣

This is good. I like this. Can I use this? I know other people who need to hear it.

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