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S*** you're pants


I had a dark entity posses me slightly , took over my life and home for a while and my family, I had to bless house and myself with holy water and go around my house saying st. Michaels prayer,,,

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What did it do to you?

Well at first before I experienced anything like this, I did not believe in any thing like this, it wasn't me who noticed it was my friends and family then I started taking pictures and yeh,,, there it was ,,, look I suffer from hearing and seeing things that are not there,,, this ,, this is different, I'm supposed I'm not locked up somewhere,, but I'm strong, I had to banish it, holy water, salt, sage pray to my family that's passed away for spiritual help,,,, I still live in same house to this day I know it's not coming back


Disturbing is the word I'd use lol

And disturbing too. Did it speak to you?

I woke up one night and there was two female voices taking together in my daughter's room ( she moved out and lived with her dad because of this). I don't know, there's a couple of photos that has a girl child in it ,, I don't know if it was posing as the little girl but my cat was howling in the corner absolutely terrified and whatever it was kept pinging on a cup I had next to me the pulling at the duvet cover I had over me ,,, don't know if it was trying to communicate, it was evil whatever it was and I'm thankfull it's fine and I'm not completely away with it

1810ss in reply to Loki777

Have you discussed this with your doctor?

Loki777 in reply to 1810ss

What and get laughed at,,, no way they'd lock me up throw away the key 🤣

Who is st Michael.....is he from the USA ?

M & S silly!

But why would you pray to him unless you got stranded in a blizzard and needed new thermal undies

Could be the Archangel St. Michael? I believe in angels tra la la x

Suppose if you shat your pants st Michael might be the best place to get a new pair 🤔

He probably has an M & S store card. 😀

Loki777 in reply to hypercat54

Yes you are right ,yyehh someone knew what I meant👍

hypercat54 in reply to Loki777

I'm not religious at all and googled it.

Loki777 in reply to hypercat54

I'm not religious either ,,??

Suppose 🤣🤣just did what I was told to do all that stuff is way over my head I couldn't believe what I had to do felt a right spoon🤣🤣🤣

Very funny pmsl🤣🤣🤣

Haha....hope you’re feeling better today

Who me? Or the spirits lol 🤣🤣 aye I'm as good as I'll ever be hope u are ok😆

I live next to a churchyard ....I go at nighttimes walk my dog around there ...keep trying to communicate with a spirit .....like.....helloooo is there anybody there 👻....but they never answer

Ok ok u still taking the pi** or are u for real🤣🤣🤣👍

For real ..usually just connect with the tawny owl world 🦉.....I done the ouiji board thing when I was younger and definitely felt something going on that couldn’t explain

I've never done ouji board f*** that s***, always scared the crap out of me all this kinda stuff

I saw stuff in the clouds when I was on magic mushrooms 🍄😀

Eh well aye I suppose u would ,, other wise I'd of got my money back lmao 🤣🤣👍


Proof that good and evil does exist. We don't understand what lies beyond the veil of death BUT there have been proven and documented evidence of entities, possession and hauntings. Be very careful some blessings only suppress the entity, sometimes for days, a few weeks even year's. Seek out a professional paranormal group to visit the property and do a professional assessment.

If someone has used a spirit board (teen-agers go to idea of scarry fun) this is like leaving your door wide open at home, anything could come in. Also bringing in second hand items such as old personal effects and the like could have an attachment to it.

Darkness is attracted to and thrives on misery, anger, violence and depression. Use your faith, stay positive and seek advice from the local paranormal community, they will help you and give you peace of mind that it's been truly banished.

Loki777 in reply to Ricardo70

The door or gateway is meant to be closed now,, I've never been so scared in all my life, thankyou for taking me seriously because this stuff dose happen,, I honestly don't know where to start to find a local paranormal team, but I will as this was 5yrs ago I'm still on gaurd 24/7 and always scared it's still there but I have been assured it's gone and not coming back , bit there will always be doubt in my mind

hypercat54 in reply to Loki777

Have you ever read about The Amityville haunting. That was horrific.

Loki777 in reply to hypercat54

Yes I've heard of Amityville haunting, yes pretty scary stuff.

I would have a heart attack I’m sure if some spirit, ghost, etc possessed me. It’s hard enough being me without something trying to or actually possessing me.

Spooky stuff.

Loki777 in reply to RoxieDawn


I had a friend that came from a strict religious family and she used to be petrified of demons, and was convinced that she was being attacked because she was evil. She became delusional and also hallucinated. She was intensely fearful, and had to be admitted. She finally got the right meds and a lot of counseling but she no longer feels attacked.

Loki777 in reply to Grady80

I hope you're friend is ok now

Grady80 in reply to Loki777

She is now, but I wondered if maybe she was seeing something. It was real to her.

Loki777 in reply to Grady80

Perhaps, I suppose life in all is rather strange

Dear Loki777,

When I first, started to read, your 'Post' I honestly thought 'Not Another Crack Pot'. Now, as a Confirmed Christian, I am Concerned. I am going to suggest that you Talk to your Local Minister, in a very 'frank' and honest way. You don't say where you are from, or what Religion you are.... NOT that that matters, one 'Bit'!

Whilst I Don't 'Believe In Ghosts' par say, I Do Believe in the 'Power' of Evil. However I am also a Pragmatist and, as such, would- perhaps gently- suggest that you Mental State Might have a 'bearing' here. You ARE, after all, a clearly- quite 'worried/ concerned' person.

This Isn't, to say, that I dis-believe you, or think you are lying.... no, not at all, I'm just Pointing Out 'other possibilities'. I'm sorry if you think that I'm being 'Hard', on you.... Others, possibly including the 'Minister', may very well, be 'Harder'. After all, if you look at, your Story from a 'Neutral Point Of View'.... if you see what I'm driving at.

All that said, my Prayers ARE with you Loki. Incidentally, in addition to, St Michael's Prayer you can also recite The Lords Prayer, Psalm 32, John's Address To the People or indeed any other Verse- that you- feel Comforts you. Please know that our Love IS with you.


Loki777 in reply to AndrewT

Thankyou so much for you're reply. I'm non practicing RC . I went to the church first thing priest asked me was what religion are you ,,, sigh,, he was extremely rude, I showed him the photos I had he gasped rushed away came back with holy water and basically threw me out. I don't think you are being hard at all if before this had happened if someone told me same story I'd of been like yeh sure what ever,,, .

hypercat54 in reply to Loki777

I visited my parents at their new house and was making coffee in the kitchen. During it I had an overwhelming feeling their black dog was there. I actually searched the kitchen I was so sure. When I took the coffee into the the lounge both dogs were sleeping by the fire and hadn't moved. They said oh it was just their little ghost dog which lived there and it was friendly. I had chills running up my spine I can tell you!

Loki777 in reply to hypercat54

Yeh I can imagine kind of sweet though like the wee dogs I suppose you're parents just got used to the dog ghost being around and if thetes no negative vibes then why not😊😊👍👍

AndrewT in reply to Loki777

Dear Loki77,

What a Rude Minister! Certainly OUR Lovely Minister (actually C.O.E., NOT that that Should 'matter' at all) Susan, would Not have treated you so- Neither incidentally would Crawford our local Baptist Minister.

Please DON'T be 'Put Off' by this, Very Unfortunate, incident..... Most Ministers are NOT 'Like This'- Perhaps try the local Vicar instead. I DON'T want to 'sound' predigital, in any way, but I have Heard some, slightly 'strange' Stories regarding the Roman Catholics..... I have Always just 'Dismissed' them as 'Inter Church Banter'. The Baptists, Presbyterians and Evangelists 'get' the same Treatment, after all!

Can I ask you, to perhaps, 'Trust' another Church Loki? Or, at the very least 'Consider it'? Ask at the Local library, or Social Club -if they are still Running, that is!- for a Contact Number. (Reverend Dickinson, 'Bald Brian', been the Vicar since.... well Forever.)

Please Do 'Try Again' Loki, My Prayers are with you.


Loki777 in reply to AndrewT

Well this is why I am non practicing RC I don't believe in there wierd ways I class myself as not really any thing I believe and love stories and ideas of religions from all over the world. That was our local priest not a very nice one at that.thankyou for taking the time to get back to me. I'll figure something out.😊

fauxartist in reply to Loki777

Look...if you believe what happened is real...then it's real to you. You said you know the difference between the mental health issues and that this was something very different. You've had a good sense of humor and grace with your response to all the comments made, and I commend you on that. I have to say I don't understand how someone can believe in the 'Holy Ghost’ and the 'Spirit of God' and not believe in ghosts. They can believe in a god without proof of existence but not what your experiencing. So, I have to say that you should steer clear of the hypocrisy of the church and find a medium. Someone who doesn't charge and is doing cleansings for the sake of it. Whether I believe in spirit or ghosts or whatever, or what anyone else believes in doesn't matter...what matters is you just need to do what you need to for your own peace of mind.

Loki777 in reply to fauxartist

Thankyou for you're reply . I will consider what you have suggested thankyou.

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