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After some time gone I have returned to the forum, as always ready to help anyone in anyway I can and read external points of view, sometimes we are so locked in our storms that we do not see important details.

So far this year I have dedicated myself to treating my anxiety on my own, I understand that no matter how many medications I take or how much therapy I do, if I don't work on myself I won't be ok... So I started exercising, but on a regular basis, I am doing cardio mostly to fight thoughts that I have heart disease or something like, which is one of the fears that haunts me. I recently managed to reach the goal of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) running and I also managed to do 29 kilometers (18 miles) by bicycle, which seems like good records, I really had not done that before... but sometime ago the anxiety returned strong and tells me that I am sick, that I have heart problems or blood pressure issues and I do not like those thoughts, I try to ignore and continue, I try to think that it is very difficult for a person with diseases to have a stable rhythm of exercises and records like that, but I can't always be calm. I would like you to share your opinion on this matter and your experiences if you also have them in something similar, it is always good as I said at the beginning the external point of view.

Everyone stay healthy and go one day at a time, it does not matter if it is fast or slow, what matters is that it is forward.

God bless you all!

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I know exactly how you feel. I have extreme health anxiety - now focused on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a condition that basically gets you paralyzed as your muscles stop working. I'm working out every other day trying to reach new goals every time. As you get stronger and stronger, it's supposed to be easier to believe that you don't suffer from anything sinister.

Still, everything about our fear is irrational, so it's next to impossible to convince yourself you're healthy.

As for the coping advice:

- Therapy. I feel a bit better after my sessions but it only lasts for a day or two.

- Meds. Been taking a SSRI for 2 weeks but it's not helping so far.

- Health anxiety support groups on Facebook. Moderately helpful - at least it feels good to know there are many people who have the same symptoms and turn out okay.

God bless you too, Gh0st, stay strong and positive!

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Gh0st in reply to A_Lee

I really try to stay strong, today I went for a run, did 5.5 miles (almost 9k) and felt really well, actually improve my time on that run... But hours later, again I'm feeling palpitations and feeling weird around my chest... It's really annoying... Next week I'm gonna do some blood test and start searching for therapy... I can't and I don't want to live like this.

Thanks for taking time for answering me it's always a pleasure have some feedback with the community, stay strong you too and if I can help you in anyway let me know.

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A_Lee in reply to Gh0st

Lol, I did 7k in the morning (for the first time since March), reached a new pushup goal, then went for a therapy session. Now look at me 12 hours later refusing to go out on a Saturday night because my right foot feels weird and I'm afraid I'm losing it.

Health anxiety sucks, mate. I hope someday we'll both be able to laugh at it. So yeah, one day at a time...

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Gh0st in reply to A_Lee

Dude! 7k since March it's one hell of a run!! Congrats on that!!!

Been there too about losing my center hours after working out, what I do sometimes is just sit and embrace that feeling that is hitting me... Don't put too much resistance, that eventually will drain you out... So if you hit 7k for the first time in 5 months, reach a new push-up goal and went to therapy, that my man is a pretty good day all around, don't let anything take that away from you. Do some popcorn and watch a bad movie so you can have a laugh, both at the movie and at that thought that's trying to steal your thunder! Keep grinding man, today was a very good day, enjoy the rest of it

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A_Lee in reply to Gh0st

Thanks for the kind words man! Good point about embracing the bad feeling. I also like to think that it's a part of me but not whole me... I'm not my fear, I'm not my anxiety, I'm more than that. It's okay to feel anxious from time to time but don't let it take over your life.

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Gh0st in reply to A_Lee

Totally agree... It doesn't defined you, it's just a part of you that sometimes it's out of control... I was just talking the other day with a friend of mine about this, he has anxiety too but started a few months ago and doesn't know how to deal with all the symptoms and fears, I said to him that everyone have this, everybody have fears, the difference with us is that anxiety make us more aware about of body, we feel more the headaches, the palpitations, dizziness and all that. We need to understand that there's nothing to be worry about unless we see real danger in front of us... If we think that we are physically sick but prove us wrong working out, we need to feed that feeling of accomplishment too, we can't be sick and do work out like teenagers, I'm 40 now so I know I can't 😅 but I do feel really good physically, and that is a tool to work on my mental health... So we can feel bad or down for a while, but we can't stay that way, it's up to us to get better so let's work on that!!!

I’m a gym rat. 38 years old father of two. I’m a carpenter so I move all day.

I sleep well.

I eat well.

I have six pack abs and can walk on my hands.

It’s not enough and I’m still crazy most days.

I smoke weed evry day.

I’m on two different meds.

Sound familiar to you?

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Well you got me on a few of those jeje... I'm a father too, eat relatively well and try to stay as healthy as I can... But I know that I don't sleep well, still don't have a six pack or walk on my hands but sure I have been doing sports almost my entire live... I consider myself that I'm in good physical condition, but my mind is doing some sabotage and that's enraging! But I'm gonna keep doing my thing, hope you continue too, let's think that a person that is running long distances or have a six pack couldn't be a sick person... Keep grinding and keep fighting brother, one sweat at the time I'm sure we're gonna overcome this!

in reply to Gh0st

Mind doing sabotage....yup!

Thank you for the good wishes my friend!

I’ve been trying to erase my depression and anxiety in a gym since I was a teen...it helps but you can’t just “will” it away.

I find myself continuously making adjustments to give myself an opportunity to feel better like dropping alcohol and opening up to others and just trying to be present one day at a time. It can get very mental and serious at times.

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Indeed it can be very difficult sometimes but I can see in what you are saying that you do want to get better and that's very important, there are people with issues like us but in a very passive attitude just waiting for a magic pill or something like that... Don't give up, we can get tired but quitting is never an option, if we quit on us who is gonna worry about us? I'm telling you and at the same time telling myself that... One day at the time, always aiming forward, that's all that matters...

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