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I've noticed some people post their write-ups here, so here's one of mine.

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I like to tell myself I am fine. That I am not as cuckoo as I feel sometimes That I don't quake with every breath, Shrivel up from a word,. That the world doesn't end as I wake and I am not afraid-. Plagued by musings of what may be at stake. My smile is unofficial you know, branded but uncertified. It's a signature valuable only in imitation But not by any legit means of identification. I am a death away from desertion. Till my essence, proof of existence. Is stripped from the living world-. My graves are strewn around in numbers to cocoon my every fall. Six feet under beneath trodden feet Where the world will be unburdened by the sheer nuisance of my defeat. The shadows shrunken from the light-. They tell me to stay. Everytime whatever is the use;. Creeping to a war you cannot bear to endure. Pursuing a strain of perceverence that requires a valour you cannot concieve. So sit still and in position. Stay frozen and look forgotten,. The world won't bother you then. For you are not a mere whisp of a cloud,. Not a flicker of a breath-. Because you are naught,. Little girl-. Nothing to them.

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You're a gifted writer, Myre, with a poet's ear. The "smile" figure was particularly nice. Thanks for posting! 😺

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Myre in reply to mrmonk

Thanks, means a lot. This is one of my real personal poems, you can guess why.

Wooioow!!!!! Amazing!! I’m in awe. You have an incredible mind. Really grabbed me right from the start. You will most definitely become published!!

Myre you are brilliant at the act of describing ,keep up that talent ,as it belongs to you for sure!

Thanks lorian😊💓

It’s a signature valuable only in imitation but not by any legit means of identification.

That’s so good Myre! I am also struck by— where the world will be unburdened by the sheer nuisance of my defeat. You turn a very good phrase! 👍👍

I can see it’s a very personal poem to you. I hope you have some happy poems too. I have found it to be a great way to stay positive. 🙂

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Myre in reply to

Thanks for the feedback. It is personal as are the majority of my poems. Few are positive. I attempt to be factual and realistic but there's little elements of happiness to be found in my life. Nevertheless, I believe that life is magical. A few wrentches and poisoned apples here and there yet it definitely is worth the adventure. All of the dark clouds give me greater reason to look forward to the sun. I hope we all can find our own light.

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That ability to keep looking for the light in spite of the sadness and struggles in your life is a positive ability in itself. 👍 Yes you are right, if you keep looking for it, you will find your light. But also, we have the ability to either increase or decrease the light in our lives by choosing to foster positive thoughts or negative thoughts. It is possible to improve your outlook by fostering positivity. 🙂

My outlook on life is mostly objective. Extricated feeling from my judgement to prevent biased, selfish assumptions as is common to the people that surround me. I have a feeling I am going to have to get out of here in order to achieve satisfaction. It's impossible not to adapt when it's all I know but I am well aware of the the type of mindset that is developed as a side effect. With the expectations pushing down on me, flying the positivity flag isn't so easy. Caught in conditions whereby anyone could easily tear it down.

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I’m sorry you find yourself in such a compromised situation. Can only say, hang in there! The objective point of view is rare and very valuable. Just don’t let the negativity around you destroy your ideals. It has been a pleasure chatting with you, you express yourself so well. I am wondering if you are pursuing a literature major or have taken college level writing courses?!

Glad that someone could appreciate my point of view. Usually get singled out as an odd ball. Didn't get a chance to take art courses in secondary school. Didn't know better,chose science subjects instead and as a result applied for a science course for college. Can't sat I regret it though, literature in any form doesn't at all propose a lucrative, even stable profession in my country. Here, we don't double major.

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I certainly hope you continue to hone your writing skills. Sure it will be very useful in your science field as well. Well I got to attempt to get something productive done this morning... it’s almost 9 am here... so have a great day Myre, or afternoon, or whatever time it is where you are! 😄 Have a good weekend anyhow! 😊

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