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Anxiety from a Fictional CreepyPasta "Backrooms"


The name of the story is "The Backrooms" a phenomenon where one can completely be clipped from reality and trapped in another dimension separate and alone from everything. Just by typing this, I feel my chills coming up and feeling the Numbness in my legs. It's a horrible feeling and it's taking real courage to tell you guys this, but sometimes I would picture myself being stuck there all alone...That part, scares me to the core. Even though I know that none of this doesn't exist, I still get that feeling of dread, when the "What if" thought comes to mind. However I'm not giving up, I'm still drawing like always. My dream is to become an Animator, so I don't have any regrets....But it gets so. SO hard you guys...Can someone. Anyone give me some advice. I know that it's not real and that it's a written, story, I know because I checked. I just wish that I could go back in time to stop myself from even watching it...I was just so curious ya'know. It seems to me that I've made a dumb, terrible mistakes watching something I could never handle...I just want to get that off my chest. I know that it's not real, so what's wrong with me?

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Maybe it’s related to something you’re really afraid of or something that happened to you a long time ago and that’s why you’re feeling like this but like you said it’s not real and when you start to feel anxious about it just remind yourself that it’s not real and that you’re in control of you.

OK. I'll check into to it. Thank you so much.

I have 3 sisters. 3 of us can watch or read most scary stories without it having a lasting effect on us. My youngest sister however is very different and avoids them like the plague. You need to recognise your feelings and do the same.

You're right, I learned my lesson about that. Stay far away. To be safe. Thank you hypercat54

I've often heard the term of getting lost in your art...I got kind of a Zen zoning out feeling when throwing on the wheel...but it was calming and peaceful. If you have a therapist, I would ask them how they would suggest tips to keep you on some sort of reality check routine while writting.

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